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Blood on the Bayou (An Andy Broussard/Kit Franklyn Mystery)

Blood on the Bayou by D.J. Donaldson is the second book in the Andy Broussard/Kit Franklyn mystery series set in the steamy, exciting and dangerous locale of New Orleans, Louisiana. Astor + Blue is re-releasing these older books in digital format, so I am excited to get the chance to read the earlier books in the series.

Blood on the Bayou concerns a series of gruesome murders occurring in the French Quarter where victims' throats appear to have been torn out by teeth. At first, the victims are locals, a prostitute and a street musician, then the killer ramps up his game by killing a tourist and the pressure is really on to solve the case quickly.

Meanwhile, something is tickling the back of Andy Broussard's mind, an old wives' tale from his childhood perhaps, or even a decades old murder that is similar. When he and Kit discover that another similar murder occurred in Bayou Coteau, Broussard's familial stomping grounds, Andy's mental gears really start grinding. Kit suspects a lycanthrope, but a werewolf in this day and age seems a bit outlandish. Detective Phil Gatlin is naturally skeptical, while Andy is willing to let Kit plead her case, but is he just setting her up to fail or does he really have her back? As Broussard and Kit continue to gather clues, it seems the murderer just might be closer to home than anyone knew.

Pivotal to this particular story is the introduction of Teddy LaBiche, Cajun alligator farmer and charmer extraordinaire. He hails from Bayou Coteau and Kit meets him when she stops to deliver an anniversary gift to Claude and Olivia Duhon, dear old friends of Broussard's. Teddy will become an important character as he and Kit get to know each other and begin dating.

Blood on the Bayou is another solid offering by D.J. Donaldson and, as the characters' backstories flesh out more and we get to know some of the lesser characters better, they all just become more endearing. Bubba Oustellette is back and saves Kit's bacon at least once, while Grandma O's restaurant is mentioned for the first time here, a staple in the book series where Andy and Kit are known to eat lunch daily - and they had better clean their plates or else they'll have some explaining to do to Grandma O! I love the way Donaldson describes New Orleans and the surrounding areas and, since I was born there and have lived in South Louisiana for most of my life, I enjoy the authenticity that much more.

If you have enjoyed any of the Andy Broussard/Kit Franklyn Mysteries, you will love Blood on the Bayou and if you haven't yet had the pleasure of reading them, do yourself a favor and start from the beginning with Cajun Nights as they are more fun to read in order.

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins
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