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dUg Pinnick: Naked

If you remember a band from the late 80ís called Kingís X, then you have already heard of dUg Pinnick. He was the lead singer for Kingís X. dUg has played on his own and with other bands for quite a while now and his latest release is called Naked.

dUg Pinnick opens his new album Naked with a song called "What You Gonna Do?" It sounds almost like something youíd hear on a Red Hot Chili Peppers album with a hint of Faith No More, but not quite as good as either band. The lyrics are about life and how you just have to deal with things as they come. The second song is called "If You F*k Up" and it has pretty much the same sound and same concept. Iíd say the majority of the songs on Naked are a slow to moderate pace and they are about life and dealing with it. Some of them, like "The Point" are even slower and more depressing.

There are a few that I liked or appreciated. The third song is called "Speeding Love." It is a lot faster than the rest and I do like the music on it. The guitar solos demonstrate some real talent and mastery of the instruments. It is also less depressing than the others songs. As you might guess by the title, it has to do with learning about love and peace. "Take Me Away From You" is slow, but with a heavy, gritty guitar riff. Thereís some kind of weird sounding keyboards in the backgrounds as well. Itís the best song on the album in my opinion. "Hope I Donít Lose My Mind" has a bluesy sound to it. It is relatively long with an instrumental ending, which is quite well executed. While I didnít really like the song, I could see the talent in it.

I think dUg Pinnick has a sound that overall you either love or hate it. On the whole, I am on the hate it end, but the couple of songs that I did like, I loved. Depressed Whining Stoner Rock is the best way I can describe the album. "Naked" sounds like a group of college kids sitting around in a dorm room complaining about how much life just plain sucks, which just isnít something that I particularly find interesting. I tried playing it "very LOUD" like the CD inside suggests you do, but that didnít make it any better. If youíre looking for that slower, depressing sound, check out dUg Pinnickís Naked.

-Cyn, GameVortex Communications
AKA Sara Earl
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