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Kim Possible: What's the Switch?
Score: 91%
ESRB: Everyone
Publisher: Buena Vista
Developer: A2M
Media: DVD/1
Players: 1 - 2
Genre: Adventure/ Platformer

Graphics & Sound:
Kim Possible: Whatís the Switch is a 2D platform adventure game. The graphics in it are very well done. Even though Kim only moves in 2D, some of the obstacles are 3D, which gives the game much more of a 3D feel. The level of detail in the characters is quite good. And as an added bonus, if you donít like their clothing, change it. There are 8 possible outfits you can unlock for each of the characters.

The cut scenes in between each mission make you feel like youíre watching the Kim Possible cartoon. During the levels, the background music is an upbeat tempo that keeps you going through the game. Also, the enemies talk to you saying things like ďyou canít sneak up on meĒ.

Kim Possible: What's the Switch? is a mission based game. You start out playing as Kim trying to recover an artifact. About halfway there, you switch to playing as Shego (Kim's arch-enemy) trying to steal the same artifact. Well, obviously somethingís going to go wrong here. Accidentally, Ron Stoppable & Dr. Drakken switch bodies, then Dementor steals the artifact. Kim and Shego must recover the artifact to switch them back. You also get to play as Rufus the mole rat to get into tight spots where Kim and Shego canít reach.

Kim and Shego both have different types of weapons and fighting moves. Switching back and forth between them, you have to remember who youíre using, what weapons they have available, and what fighting skills they know that will get past the henchmen and complete the missions. Rufus, of course, has no weapons, but he can climb on just about any surface. Along the way, collect as many Kimmunicator Tokens as you can find to unlock game extras.

Thereís also multiplayer options available in Kim Possible so when you get tired of playing alone, you can recruit a friend to play with.

I would consider Kim Possible: What's the Switch? a medium difficulty game. You can complete the missions relatively easy enough, but to get to all the extras and bonuses, youíll need a certain degree of platforming skills. Also, since youíre playing as two different characters (and the mole rat every once in a while), youíll find that each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. It can be difficult at times to figure out how to get where you need to go with that character. You might find yourself wishing you had the other one instead.

Game Mechanics:
The controls in Kim Possible: What's the Switch? are very much like any 2D platformer youíve ever played. Left and right take you forwards and backwards, the X button jumps, pressing it twice will double jump. Square button is your punch, and Circle button fires your weapon. In addition, you get to use their acrobatic skills. L1 and R1 let you handspring left and right to evade enemy attacks. L2 and R2 cycle through your various weapons.

Kim Possible auto saves for you at the end of each mission. It does not, however, have the ability to save at any point in the mission, which would really have been nice. Some missions can take a while to complete, so if you have to go do something in the middle of one, you have to just leave the game running. If you have to turn it off in the middle of a mission, you have to start that mission over from the beginning.

Overall, Kim Possible: What's the Switch? is a very enjoyable platformer. Itís simple enough that just about anyone of any age should be able to complete it, yet complex enough to keep you entertained. My only real complaint is the lack of save points.

-Cyn, GameVortex Communications
AKA Sara Earl

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