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Army Men 3D
Score: 92%
ESRB: Teen
Publisher: 3DO
Developer: 3DO
Media: CD/1
Players: 1 - 2
Genre: Action

Graphics & Sound:
Well, it’s Army Men 3D. And hey, it’s your little green army dude running around fighting the little tans. The intro is superb as it’s done in old newsreel style and is just hilarious. The mutilations performed on these little plastic people... But the characters are well represented and move about fluidly (at least until you kill ‘em). The backgrounds are bland in color, but this is intentional as its all kind of camo in appearance. The sound effects are very well done, and the music in the background makes you just wanna say the Pledge of Allegiance, and then go kick some ass.

The gameplay is very good. At first, I thought it wasn’t going to be all that exciting. Army drab colors, boy’s toys, the like. But man, once I got into it, I was hooked. Army Men 3D is a blast! Bootcamp is, well training of course. Hilarious. You run about, picking up goodies (in military issue boxes of course), and practice your targeting skills on “cardboard cut-outs” of the tan guys. They are like little stand-up men. In your actual mission (and there are quite a few of them), you will be given instructions and an overview of what to do. Your man has plenty of weapons at his disposal and some cool moves to get the job done. And you’ll need it cause the tans aren’t going to go down without a fight.

Army Men 3D is easy to a point. You get the hang of it. You know where they will be lurking after they kill you several times and you have to start over. But then they ambush you! Grrr... damn the tans! The game is a healthy challenge and will keep you busy for a while.

Game Mechanics:
Well, you are essentially G.I. Silicon Joe, with a host of cool weapons available to you, and more moves than you could ever make those stiff little guys do when you were a kid. The roll is handy for dodging bullets, but the best by far is the crawl. On your belly, hiding behind rocks, scrambling in the dust; with perfect sound effects to go along with it. And there is a groovy aiming feature for use with your grenades. Use ‘em to decimate some smug guy way off in the distance. Just aim and destroy! All in all, Army Men 3D is a very good game.

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins

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