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Sydney 2000
Score: 96%
ESRB: Everyone
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Attention To Detail
Media: CD/1
Players: 1 - 2
Genre: Sports

Graphics & Sound:
When compared to previous Track 'n' Field games, Sydney 2000's graphics would fall in the upper third, but not the best. Although there are some cool things (like the different sizes of the characters), something about the characters seems almost washed out. Nevertheless, the graphics are very nice in their own right.

The sound fx of Sydney 2000 are equally nice. The announcers actually have useful information for you (well, mostly). Crowd noise shines through also. But this is all just ear candy, as everyone knows that the whole point of the Olympics is the competition.

And this is it ... the heart of the game ... very, very impressive gameplay!!! With 4 modes of play and 12 events to choose from, Sydney 2000 shines above and beyond all other track 'n' field games... EVER! (And I'm the resident T'n'F guru! he he he)

But where Sydney 2000 truly shines above the rest is in the Olympic Mode. This one-player battle not only puts you against computer athletes, but also against yourself. You must build up your strength, skills, and morale to turn your wannabe athletes into stars. You will have to hit the virtual gym and hone yourself to compete in 3 different events for each competition ... all that just to qualify for the Olympics!!! This option was the best thing to happen to console button pushing in a long time!

Beside the Coaching, Arcade, and Olympic Modes, Eidos has implemented a Head-to-Head mode, in which up to 8 players can used previously saved athletes and pit their skills against one another. The only bad thing is that to do this, you have to insert memory cards into slot 1 over and over. However, this also allows everyone to vary his or her skill levels, allowing for more overall competition. Oh, and did I mention that someone has FINALLY brought back great events like the High Jump and 110m Hurdles!!!

Another great thing about Sydney 2000 is that the choice is yours. You can play through the Olympic Mode where you will face increasing difficulty, or you can simply play Arcade mode where everything is fair and square across the board. Either way, get ready to fling your fingers 'til they bleed!

Game Mechanics:
Just like any other Track 'n' Field game, victory comes in the form of a fastest finger competition within Sydney 2000. But no matter how fast you can push your buttons, technique is where the gold is. Without it, your country will fail and you will not be crowned with the greatest title of all time ... as an Olympic Gold Medalist.

-Woody, GameVortex Communications
AKA Shane Wodele

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