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Nascar Rumble
Score: 98%
ESRB: Unknown
Publisher: EA Games
Developer: EA Sports
Media: CD/1
Players: 2
Genre: Racing

Graphics & Sound:
Yowsers! The textures in Nascar Rumble are very smooth! You will notice very little 'pop-in' graphics in the distance of this 3D-Racer. In fact, I was looking out for them and it took quite a few races before I noticed any at all. Cars are identified with real-world sponsors, and driven by actual Nascar drivers. The sound in this here game is outstanding, as well. From the sound of the motor revving, to the cars scraping the guardrail, you will feel right in the action. Need a little twist? Take a listen to the commentary provided by the 'voice with no face' during the races. You will be rolling on the floor in laughter!

'Let's get ready to Rummmble!!!' In an NFL Blitz sort of way, EA Sports has captured the essence of the reason many people bother watching Nascar events at all...THE CRASHES! Nascar Rumble ain't your ordinary racer, however. With power-ups like Storm Clouds, Ice Storms, and Tornadoes, you will be thrashing your opponents across the screen and zipping your way into 1st place. Throughout the entire game, you will be racing not only to victory, but also to unlock the many cars, tracks, and Nascar Legends available in the game. Get Gold in all of the Rookie tracks to unlock Pro Mode. Defeat Pro, and try your hand with the best of the best in Elite Mode. If you manage to defeat the Legends, you will have the opportunity to take control of their cars and wipe your opponents all over the track!

One of the best features of Nascar Rumble is the two-player split-screen mode. Unlike most two player racing titles, EA Sports has done an excellent job of integrating their two-player mode into the single-player mode. Not only do you get the opportunity to show your friends who's boss, but you can still race against computer racers and compete for the trophies and continue to unlock tracks!!! This is a very nice feature. There is no more taking turns to unlock the game's options. Battle your way to the top while kicking your partner's butt!!!

Impressive. Rookie Mode allows you to ease your way into the racing circuit. I had no trouble getting the gold...period. In fact, my 7-year-old nephew was even able to snag the gold once in a while; his 5-year-old brother was a worthy competitor also. Pro Mode offers a bit more difficulty, although getting 1st place was not too difficult. Then comes the Elite Mode. This is where Nascar Rumble gets interesting. There is no mercy from the computer here. You will notice an increase in speed, as well as aggression. I felt I was lucky to place in the top three.

Game Mechanics:
It is simple. Race to win. The buttons are very easy to control: steer, put the pedal to the metal, and hit yer R2 button to launch a can o' whoop-ass on yer opponent! Unfortunately for all of you analog fans out there (like me), there is a bug in the game that will shut down your control in the middle of the race. This is highly annoying and you will soon learn to forget about your instincts and grab the D-Pad. This is the only reason I did not give the game the perfect score...otherwise Nascar Rumble is a well-designed game in control, features, and playability. Don't hesitate. If you like smash-mouth racing, drop the $40 for this A-1 game!!!

-Woody, GameVortex Communications
AKA Shane Wodele

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