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Amplitude: Got the Attitude for Amplitude?
Company: SCEA/Harmonix

Is MixMaster your middle name? Maybe not, but no one has to know that. Now, you can mix some of your favorite tunes while tapping your PS2 controller. Amplitude is the follow-up PS2 title to the completely addictive PS2 smash hit FreQuency.

Created by Harmonix Music Systems, the same guys who brought us FreQuency, Amplitude once again allows gamers to blend two of America's favorite pastimes - Music and Games. By mixing and remixing songs from artists such as Garbage, David Bowie and Weezer, players can add their own personal touches to the music they love. And this time around, they can post their masterpieces online for all the world to see.

Amplitude covers a wide range of music styles such as Alternative Rock, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal and more, and it allows players to recreate their favorite tunes by adding different instruments as they progress throughout the levels. There's a Freestyle mode for creating custom mixes, but best of all, you can challenge your friends online in Multi-Player and Remix mode.

Amplitude takes full advantage of its online capabilities by allowing the player to communicate with competitors via full chat capabilities. Players can also participate in an online music community and be chosen as the top remix, while having their creation posted in the online lobby for all to hear. You can even customize your identity, or FreQ, and have a 3D representation of your player hangin' with you during gameplay!

With over 20 songs and videos to experience and unique environments customized for the artist of the song, Amplitude is definitely one to watch for. It hits the streets on March 25, 2003, so get ready to rock.

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins
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