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Jackass the Game: Get Hurt Gaming

Jackass: The Game is another of those games I keep forgetting is in development. Actually, before receiving a preview copy of the game, I thought it was quietly cancelled or released and lost in the flurry of "next-gen" games. Yet, I was mistaken and I had the chance to spend some time with it before its release later this year.

The concept behind Jackass: The Game follows the show perfectly. The game features more than 30 stunts based around things seen on the show and is broken into a series of episodes, again, like the show. Playing in the role of the show's new director after Jeff Tremaine is injured during a stunt, your job is to lead the Jackass crew (well, everyone but Bam) through each of the games and earn cash.

Every stunt has a cash goal that you must reach, though you also have to check off a "wishlist" of crazy stunts that must be performed while doing the stunt. One game has Steve-O rolling down a hill in a trash can. As you roll your way down the hill, you'll have to guide the can under a certain number of trucks, hit or steer clear of other objects, or suffer certain injuries. Most of the game's stunts are taken directly from the show and movies, so it you've seen it then it is probably in the game in some form or another... well, at least as far as the game's "T" rating will allow.

Other than stunts, Jackass also features a number of mini-games dubbed, "Wee-Man Games." These games include shooting Johnny Knoxville with a paintball gun as he is strapped to a rotating wheel or eating raw eggs.

Although I've never been that big a fan of the show, I had fun playing the game. Jackass may sound like an odd license, but it seems like the development team has really keyed in on what fans like about the show. Stay tuned for the full review coming later this Fall.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker
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