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Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness: Deja Boo
Company: NIS America

Take one part Precious Moments, add in some anime and just a touch of one of those over-the-top "Devil Worshiping" 80's metal bands (you know; big hair and odd costumes), and you've got a good idea of the visuals found in Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness. At first glance, Disgaea's low-res, 2D sprites don't exactly... You know, I could have sworn that I've written those same exact words at some point in my tenure here. Actually I know I have; and I can bet you've more than likely read them, or - if you're the type to follow all of my recommendations (as you should) -- at least played the game they refer to.

Disgaea hit the PS2 and shook the cobwebs off the stagnating Strategy RPG genre by adding new elements to combat, a quirky style and a little bit of humor. Although Afternoon of Darkness isn't exactly a port, it isn't a completely new game either. You still play as Prince Laharl, the "rightful" ruler of the Netherworld who has been asleep for years. His vassal, Etna, wakes him up from his slumber and informs him of the death of his father. It also happens that the other demons in the Netherworld are all vying for the Netherworld's top spot - sending Laharl in battle with Etna and prinnies in tow...

Where Afternoon of Darkness differs is that it asks the question: What if Etna accidentally killed Laharl instead of waking him up? This question is answered in Afternoon of Darkness's brand new story arc where Etna sets out to become Beauty Queen Ultimate Overlord Etna.

In addition to a completely new storyline, Afternoon of Darkness also adds ad hoc multiplayer to the mix.

Although the game's release is still a few months off, there is a lot to look forward too. Those who missed the game the first time around have a second chance to check it out, while veterans have multiplayer and a brand new story to explore.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker
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