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Mercury Meltdown Remix: Mercury on your PS2

Mercury Meltdown Remix will take what has become one of the PSP's more unique puzzle lines and bring it to the home console. Where the original game, Archer MacLean's Mercury introduced a little blob of goo that split up, changed colors, combined and slid around a tilting level, the game's handheld sequel, Mercury Meltdown, adds some more complexity to the existing equation. Remix takes those new concepts and paints them on your TV screen (with a few added PS2 exclusive features, of course).

For those gamers who never played the original or newer PSP title, Mercury Meltdown Remix's goal is to guide your mercury to a specific tile. The more mercury you have on the field when you end the level, the better off you are and the more points you have. Where the first game pretty much just restricted you to making sure you had the right colored mercury blobs hitting the checkered area, this game also lets you change the state of your liquid metal to make it harder or runnier.

These three states drastically change the behavior of your mercury. For instance, changing to a colder state will keep your blob together better, thus insuring you will keep more of it by the time you reach the end, but it moves a lot slower. Meanwhile, the hotter state causes your blobs to move faster, but they are much looser and harder to control. The final new state is solid. Here your blob turns into a hard ball bearing and you use this to ride along rails, but of course, if you fall off the edge, you will lose all of the mercury that is in that ball.

So, what is so special about the PS2 version of Mercury Meltdown? Well, not only does it give you better graphics and puts the gameplay on a bigger screen, but the Remix version also includes two exclusive labs as well as all of the locations from the handheld version. So you will not only have environments and levels like Astro, Hydro, Geo and Areo, but also Cryo (a series of cold levels guaranteed to slow down your progress) and Chrono. These two new labs will force you to use the mercury states in new ways and seem to really extend the gameplay value of Mercury Meltdown.

As good as Mercury Meltdown Remix looks like it will be, I can't wait to see a version of this game for the PS3 and see it use the Sixaxis controller's tilt sensors. It almost seems like that controller was designed with this game in mind.

Mercury Meltdown's PS2 version will ship with an E ESRB rating since what little violence it has is of the very abstract and kid friendly variety (I don't think it even qualifies as "Cartoon Violence"). Look for Remix to hit the shelves this holiday season and our review of it not long afterwards.

-J.R. Nip, GameVortex Communications
AKA Chris Meyer
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