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Lemmings: Back for its 15th Anniversary

Fifteen years ago, an interesting puzzle game was introduced to the world. In this game, you had to coordinate a large group of lemmings and get them to work together to make it safely through a perilous path and into the level's exit. As lemmings are known for walking off into the deep to their own demise, one after the other, you were their only hope. You would have to select which individuals would be given what jobs and abilities. Where do you want a Blocker? Who should be given the ability to gently float down from dangerous heights? ...Choose wisely and, with each lemming doing their part, you could save them... or at least enough of them to proceed to the next level.

Fifteen years later, the video gaming industry has seen a lot of technical advancements in graphics, processor speed, memory, physics and other aspects. Games have made great strides towards realism, but Lemmings was not really attempting to be realistic - it was only trying to be fun.

This May, Lemmings is coming out for the PSP. Based on my hands-on look at the PSP Lemmings demo, it's going to be just as fun as when it first came out, with the same cartoony look of the original, but with a richer animated 3D environment. In the normal view, the lemmings are a bit small, but there is a zoomed-in view that lets you get a little closer peek at the action. Be careful, though - when you concentrate on one small part of the level, lemmings could be wreaking havoc elsewhere; when you hear their little screams, it may be too late!

Lemmings and the PSP may just be the perfect match -- now you can take them with you any time you go walking off into the deep to your own demise!

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins
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