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Pursuit Force: I Am the Law...

When Psibabe assigned Pursuit Force for me to preview, she said it was something like Grand Theft Auto, but you play the good guys. People who know me well know how much that intrigued me; the only gripe I've ever had about the GTA series is that you can't choose which side of the law to be on. Well, Pursuit Force is not exactly "GTA from the side of the police", but that's a fine starting point...

As in GTA, you play the part of a motivated guy who races around in fast-moving vehicles among civilians, criminals and police forces. Unlike GTA, you play the part of a police office in a special task force unit: the Pursuit Force. One of the major departures from the GTA "feel" is that you are not free-roaming around a city, but instead you are confined to a pre-defined route, lending a "Racing" feel to the game.

Just like in GTA, you are able to switch between vehicles, but in Pursuit Force, you do so by getting close to another vehicle and then jumping to it. If the vehicle you've jumped to is a civilian or police vehicle, the driver slides over to the passenger side and you are still in pursuit. However, if the vehicle you've just jumped to is a criminal-driven vehicle, you'll need to shoot the criminals before they'll let you take their vehicle.

The demo I played has three sample missions that did a good job of showing off the game, I believe. The levels show diversity, with different locations, different secondary objectives (like not causing a toxic spill) and a wide variety of different vehicle types, including cars, bikes, SUV's, big rigs, buses, helicopters and even boats. In a pinch, you can maneuver around on foot, as well.

From what I can see in the demo, fans of both Combat Racing games and the GTA series should be waiting on the edge of their seats... According the the official site, Pursuit Force is scheduled for release in March 2006.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins
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