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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat: The World Sets to Wage War on PS2!
Company: EA Games

Slated for a Fall 2005 release, EA Games is introducing PlayStation 2 owners to a game that the PC community is flourishing on. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is set to be an outstanding combat/action simulation where you?re fully in control throughout your entire combat experience.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat will offer a single-player game like no other. As you are in the heat of battle, you?ll be able to "hot-swap" from one character in your unit to another, which will allow you to get the drop on the enemy and give you full control over the on-screen action! And there should be plenty of action to dive into because Modern Combat is set to have over 30 single-player missions set in Kazakhstan.

Online, up to 24 players will be able to join sides and compete in team games. The demo offers a version of capture the flag, where your team must secure the majority of key spots on the map in order to defeat the enemy. Think of Battlefield 2?s online demo as "King on the Hill", only with multiple access points. You?ll also be able to select from 5 different soldier classes to keep the mayhem fresh.

In both the single- and multi-player campaigns, you?ll have access to over 50 weapons and 30 vehicles. The graphics are looking outstanding at this point as well, considering it must play on the PS2?s limited (compared to that of the PC?s) hardware. You?ll be set to enjoy this game soon, and if the actual combat lives up to the hype, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat will be a success on PlayStation 2 as well.

-Woody, GameVortex Communications
AKA Shane Wodele
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