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Disney/Pixar?s Monsters, Inc.: Scream Team: Monsters of the World... Unite!!!

Well, Halloween?s not far away, and what do you think when you think of Halloween? (Well, no - actually, I didn?t mean candy)... Monsters! This October 30th (Read ?day-before-Halloween?) is the scheduled release date for Disney/Pixar?s Monsters, Inc. for the PS One and the PlayStation game console. I saw this one at E3 2001, and it looked nice!

Disney/Pixar?s Monsters, Inc.: Scream Team is a 3D action platform game based on the upcoming Holiday 2001 animated feature film release, Disney/Pixar?s Monsters, Inc., a not-so-scary little comedy set in the realm of things that go bump in the night. Players will have the choice of playing as either James P. Sullivan (a.k.a. Sulley), a huge, intimidating monster with blue fur, large purple spots and horns, or Mike, a green, opinionated, feisty, little one-eyed monster.

As every child knows, there are monsters under your bed and in your closet that wait to scare you when you turn off the lights. As Sulley or Mike, you find that scaring kids (at the appropriate time) is your job! Not to worry, though - all of the true masters learned the tricks of the trade at the same place: the Monsters, Inc. Academy. (Congratulations - you?ve just been enrolled.) The game immerses players in huge colorful environments where they train to become top ?Scarers? at Monsters, Inc. Your training will take you across the desert, over snow-capped mountains, through city streets, and all over the environments of the Monsters, Inc. Academy. If you succeed in becoming one of the best ?Scarers,? you might unlock all 36 scares available in the game.

Monsters, Inc. has more than 15 zones, each level remaining faithful to the vibrant film environments created by Disney/Pixar. These levels are filled with action-platform elements, tons of exploration, puzzles, and ?comically scary activities.? Now you can do as you?ve always dreamed and finally master the art of terrifying little children. You can perform up to 36 various scares as Mike or Sulley, with 18 unique scare animations for each character. For additional information, check out PlayStation?s website, or watch for feature coverage in the ?PlayStation Underground CD Magazine.?

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins
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