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Dance Dance Revolution: Konamix: New Details Arrive on Third DDR Installment
Company: Konami

Konami of America recently announced an April 23 release date for Dance Dance Revolution: Konamix, the company?s third U.S. version of the popular music-based craze for PlayStation. Following the success of last year?s Dance Dance Revolution and Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Mix in the States, Konamix will introduce exclusive features and new modes to gamers around the nation.

As of February 2, 2002, three songs have been confirmed for the game?s release: ?.59,? ?Think Ya Better D,? and ?Look to the Sky,? with additional speculation surrounding ?Can?t Stop Falling in Love? as an upcoming fourth verification. Jason Enos, Product Manager at Konami of America, Inc., has remained in close contact with fans via www.DDRfreak.com since word of Konamix arrived on the Internet, and promises the widest possible variety of musical genres for U.S. players.

Konami ran a series of online polls in 2001 to gather input from American gamers themselves, assuring a direct relation between survey data and the final product. As a result, Konamix will boast more than 50 fan-favorite songs with three new play modes, plus a unique Workout Mode for those looking to burn calories to the music.

While little else has been confirmed of the game?s play modes, hardcore fans have come to expect the inclusion of song edit features, ?6-panel? mode adapted from Dance Dance Revolution: Solo, and a nonstop feature seen in previous Japanese console releases. At least one song will be included from Konami?s most recent arcade installment, DDRMAX, leading some players to hope for arcade-only features, including freeze steps and higher frame rate displays. Stay tuned!

-Ben Monkey, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ben Lewis
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