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Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster: Jackie Being Jackie
Company: Midway

The look of Stuntmaster is very campy and cartoonish. Jackie Chan was actually motion-captured for this game, so his movements are very realistic. The levels that I had the opportunity to play were very well done. The sound effects were hilarious, and again, very campy. When Jackie and an opponent exchange blows, it sounds like someone being smacked with a slab of meat. Now that?s entertainment!

Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster is a 3rd person game set in a 3D environment, which means you?ll do a lot of traveling. Be prepared to explore everything in your search for movie reels and bad guys. The game takes place on the set of Jackie?s latest film. A murder attempt on Jackie ends up killing the director, so Jackie?s off to find the killer(s). Everyone he encounters could be an enemy... or an extra on the set. Play it safe. Beat everyone up. The usual ninjas and thugs are present, and when you hit one, the whole group of baddies will usually fall down. One cool element you?ll find is glass bottles sitting around, which you can pick up and throw as weapons. Typical Jackie style- use what?s around you. Experiment with everything around you. You never know what will happen when you jump on something or pick it up. In the fast and furious "Subway" level, it?s dodge, crouch, and jump for your life. The game possesses many varying elements that have made 3rd person games so popular in the last few years.

Stuntman is of average difficulty. There are numerous enemies, obstacles, and of course, goodies along the way. Running straight through the level is easier than picking up every item and exploring every nook and cranny. The action is intense at times, and usually enemies travel in groups. Just like the movies that have made Jackie Chan a martial arts megastar, the game is no walk in the park.

The controls are pretty standard, but sadly, this preview was not dual shock compatible. Hopefully, the finished copy will be, as I think it would dramatically intensify the gaming experience. Jackie can crouch, grab, kick, punch, run up walls, jump and do whatever else it takes to get the job done. Also, there are entertaining antics such as Jackie?s ?booty dance,? and the goofy phrases he interjects from time to time which make the game more amusing. In the final version of Jackie Chan: Stuntman, I hope that these antics appear at more appropriate times. It?s odd to have Jackie standing in the street doing nothing, and have him say ?Are you trying to kill me?? Then again, maybe he knows something I don?t. All in all, it?s a cool game to watch, play, and listen to as well.

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins

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