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Dollars Incensed: ESO - Don't Buy the 1500 Crown Pack*
Company: Bethesda Softworks
Product: Elder Scrolls Online
There are several different options for purchasing Crowns for spending in Elder Scrolls Online. As it is with most things, buying in bulk saves you money. The more you purchase at once, the less-per-Crown you'll end up paying. I don't think many people are going to purchase the 750 Crown pack, other than, perhaps, people giving gamers gifts or something, so I'm going to skip right on past that one and look at the 1500 Crown pack. Also, I was looking up the cost of buying Crowns because I was trying to determine the "price" of Horns of the Reach in real money, since it costs 1500 Crowns, but people might want to know what that would cost them.

So, how much does 1500 Crowns costs? That depends. If you were to purchase a Crown Pack of 1500 Crowns specifically to purchase this DLC, the Crown Pack would cost $14.99, making a Crown cost about a penny each. If you were to purchase smaller Crown Packs, you would need two 750 Crown Packs at $7.99 each, which would make the 1500 Crowns cost you an additional dollar. Of course, if you were to purchase the "Best Value" Crown Pack, getting 21,000 Crowns for $149.99, the 1500 Crowns would cost you about $10.71. And you'd have lots of Crowns to spend. And you'd be out a hundred and fifty dollars, so there's that.

However, looking at the numbers, if you're looking at buying 1500 Crowns to access this DLC and you're not wanting to spend more to buy a larger pack, your best bet is to buy a one month ESO Plus Membership and then cancel it so it doesn't renew automatically. Hear me out...

A one month ESO Plus Membership is $14.99 USD, the same price as simply buying 1500 Crowns, but you'll have access to the Horns of the Reach DLC for a month - without spending the Crowns on it - and you'll still get 1500 Crowns, since that's the Crown allotment that comes with a 1 Month ESO Plus Membership.

Then... if you find that you really like Horns of the Reach, you can use those Crowns to purchase the DLC after your membership has expired. If you don't like Horns of the Reach (or you are done with it and don't want to return after the month of access) then you can spend your 1500 Crowns on something else. And, finally, if you find that you do like the ESO Plus Membership, you can either turn auto-renew back on and buy it month-to-month, or opt for the longer-term memberships to pay less per month, keeping the 1500 Crowns to spend on something else, entirely. Note that all of the ESO Plus Memberships come with a Crowns allotment. If you haven't looked them over, check them out. Yes, they're subscriptions, but if you're going to be buying Crowns, anyway, they might just be the best way to go.

I'm not trying to push them or anything... just thought it was worth pointing out that it basically can equate to a one month trial period not only for a given DLC (such as Horns of the Reach, in this example), but to all of the other DLC... and you still have the 1500 Crowns you were going to pay for, anyway.

*...Unless you've already got an ESO Plus Membership and just need an extra 1500 Crowns for something in particular.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins
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