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Your Aliens Are in My Ghosts
Company: Activision
Product: Call of Duty: Ghosts
Happy Halloween all! As little monsters wander the streets outside, my thoughts have turned to Zombies, Aliens... and Ghosts...

The Call of Duty: Ghosts launch is right around the corner, now, just five days (and counting... and pacing). And, feeding the frenzy of anticipation, Activision has released a trailer revealing a new four-player cooperative mode that will be featured in Ghosts. It's named, "Extinction," and it appears to be Infinity Ward's answer to the popular "Zombies" mode. Take a look...

Official Call of DutyŽ: Ghosts Extinction Reveal Trailer

The world has changed. The aliens aren't about to attack; they're already here. Your unit may be humanity's last chance...

From the video, it's apparent that you will be working together in a group of up to four players attempting to achieve tactical goals while fighting off hordes of insect-like aliens. The most telling sound-clip occurs at 27 seconds: "Destroy any hives, arm that nuke and haul a$$ back here." It appears that the red pulsing flower-looking things are hives and the device depicted being deployed and plunging into the hive is a drill used to destroy it. Based on the other two requirements: arming a nuke and returning to where you started, these set up the route you'll take; it sounds like you'll be retracing your steps on the way back, but it also sounds like you'll want to be making that trip hastily, what with the armed nuke and all.

This device for destroying the hives is probably costly and, perhaps, in limited supply, which would explain the need to protect it from the attacking aliens. At the very least, they must be able to at least slow it down, as you can clearly see an alien attacking the drill at 55 seconds into the video.

You will have a nice complement of destructive options to defend yourself against the onslaught of alien critters. Just in this video, there is evidence of guns (of course), automated turrets, rocket launchers, laser guided missile strikes, IMS (Intelligent Munitions System) units, small flying rotor-based automated turrets and on down to rigged traps, such as electrified fences and burning oil.

I can make out at least four different types of aliens in the trailer, and the one pictured at right is most likely the one referred to as a "Scorpion," which makes sense, given the longer, more pronounced tail that it can use to launch some sort of gas or acid attack. At 1:39, we can see that the Scorpions can attack helicopters, so they would be a bad type to have around when you go to make your exfil.

I am assuming this takes the place of Zombies or Spec Ops, so this is the mode that my wife and I would play together (we both love Zombies and Spec Ops... but last longer in Spec Ops). Then again, this installation seems to have more of everything packed into it, with the "Squads" mode in addition to Extinction, the single-player Campaign and Multiplayer and the cross-platform (stat-based) Clan Wars, so we might find Squads to be a better fit: Wargame, Squad Assault and Safeguard all offer cooperative play options.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins
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