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Getting the Most Out of Defiance
Company: Trion Worlds
Product: Defiance Season Pass
You've watched the show on television and you've played the game... but you want to get more out of your Defiance action? Ah, you're looking for the Defiance Season Pass...

There are 5 DLCs per "season," and the latest one, "Castithan Charge Pack," introduces Castithans as a playable species and includes a special version of the 4-seater Raptor, a mission that will bag you a Castithan Charge Blade... to be brief, some nice stuff's in there.

If you buy all five DLC packs separately, you will end up paying $49.95 USD. However, if you purchase the Defiance Season Pass, you will have access to each DLC in the season as soon as it's available and you'll end up saving $9.95, which is basically the cost of one of the packs, essentially making this a "buy 4 get 1 free" deal.

But wait - that's not all...

In addition to the easy access to the DLC and discounted price, you will also get a couple of bonus items:

  • Hellbug Combat Cap - In-game costume item
  • Lock Box - In-game Lock Box

Admittedly, a cap and a single lock box aren't huge game changers, but the Hellbug Combat Cap is actually quite nice looking and seemed very nice, indeed, on my female Castithan character that I made with the Castithan Charge Pack, which is included as part of the Season Pass. Just sayin' - it's something to think about.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins
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