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Titanfall Announced
Company: EA Games
Product: Titanfall
It seems that one of the nastiest, most publicized spats in the gaming industry might be of benefit to the consumer. The Infinity Ward veterans of the newly-christened Respawn Entertainment are getting ready to launch their new IP, Titanfall. And it looks spectacular.

So what is Titanfall? Well, obviously, it's a shooter. But what's to set it apart from Call of Duty or Battlefield? Respawn has some very impressive tricks up its sleeve. Powered by a customized version of Valve's Source engine, Titanfall is a multiplayer-only shooter that features a plot, along a smattering of features that usually only appear in single-player games.

What looks fascinating about the game is its focus on mobility and mech warfare. In the demo shown at E3, a battle between two groups of pilots (the MCDR and IMC) is raging. Ships crowd the skies and mechs stomp the ground. All the while, pilots scuttle about like winged ants under a magnifying glass. Yes, I said "winged." Pilots in Titanfall are equipped with jetpacks.

Mobility is a notable step up from most other shooters; pilots have the ability to perform some complex jetpack-assisted parkour. Most shooters limit themselves to a single plane of movement, but not this one.

As the player-controlled pilot rushes about the battlefield, gunning down enemies and supporting his teammates, a cooldown icon slowly counts down. Once it hits zero, the player is given the option to drop and board a Titan, a giant mech that happens to be incredibly fast. The Titan becomes locked in combat, where it shows off some fancy abilities, such as the ability to catch and return bullets. Should you sustain too much damage, your Titan will explode. You have the opportunity to eject, but be warned, you're vulnerable in the air.

Oh, just watch the video.

Titanfall is due out in 2014 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. Check back for more coverage as we approach the release date.

-FenixDown, GameVortex Communications
AKA Jon Carlos
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