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XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC Rolling Out
Company: 2K Games
Product: XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Can't get enough XCOM: Enemy Unknown? We sure can't, and that's why we're pleased to announce that 2K and Firaxis have recently launched the Second Wave of downloadable content for their excellent reboot of the beloved strategy series. As the name implies, this is the second downloadable content offering from 2K and Firaxis for Enemy Unknown, the first being the Slingshot Pack.

The Slingshot Content Pack offers a slew of new activities to extend your XCOM experience. The main draw here is a new series of linked Council missions. These missions vary in scope and style. For example, one might have you meeting with a mysterious Triad operative, while another might have you working against the clock to knock an alien ship off its course. Another yet just might have you fighting the aliens in the skies above China. Additional features include:

  • Three New Maps
  • A New Playable Squad Character
  • New Character Customization Options

So what's new in the Second Wave content? The following is a list of new features that directly affect the gameplay of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

  • Damage Roulette: Weapons have a wider range of damage.
  • New Economy: Randomized council member funding.
  • Not Created Equally: Rookies will have random starting stats.
  • Hidden Potential: As a soldier is promoted, stats increase randomly.
  • Red Fog: Combat wounds will degrade the soldier’s mission stats.
  • Absolutely Critical: A flanking shot guarantees a critical hit.
  • The Greater Good: Psionics can only be learned from interrogating a psionic alien.
  • Marathon: The game takes considerably longer to complete.
  • Results Driven: A country offers less funding as its panic level increases.
  • High Stakes: Random rewards for stopping alien abductions.
  • Diminishing Returns: Increased cost of satellite construction.
  • More Than Human: The psionic gift is extremely rare.

It's safe to say that one of 2012's best games just got a bit better. The Slingshot and Second Wave content packages are being offered across all three major platforms (PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3). Slingshot is seven dollars, and Second Wave is free of charge. Get to downloading -- and give those bubble-headed freaks what for.

-FenixDown, GameVortex Communications
AKA Jon Carlos
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