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19-2: Season 3
Score: 93%
Rating: Not Rated
Publisher: Acorn Media
Region: 1
Media: DVD/3
Running Time: 441 Mins.
Genre: Drama/Crime/TV Series
Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Digital
Subtitles: English SDH

  • 19-2 Ride Alongs

WTF 19-2: Season 3. Seriously, W. T. F. Last season's gut-punch season finale was harsh enough, but how much can a viewing audience take? Let's just stop right here for a moment, because if you are not caught up and ready to hear about 19-2: Season 3, then stop reading this because there will be spoilers from the previous season. There's just no way around it.

Ok, so last season ended with the exposing of the mole to be none other than beloved Sgt. Julian Houle (Conrad Pla) and I was devastated. He was a favorite character of mine and I truly never imagined it could be him, so yeah - they got me. There will be plenty of fallout over this, since his actions caused the deaths of several cops and he was in a child molesting ring, so not good news for Precinct 19, which already had its share of PR woes from last season. Commander Gendron (Bruce Ramsay) will outwardly rely on and put his faith in Izzy Latendresse (Maxim Roy), while actually selling her up the river to take the fall for Houle. What a jerk, but no big surprise there. It's not all roses for Gendron, though, since Inspector Elise Roberge (Krista Bridges) from Internal Affairs shows up at 19 and makes herself at home investigating things and, generally, just making everyone uncomfortable. Well, everyone except for Nick Barron (Adrian Holmes), who attracts the ladies like moths to a flame.

Nick is dealing with the aftermath from his cousin, Kaz, having murdered a suspected child molester while in Nick's presence, but now Kaz is missing and Nick is stressed. When Kaz turns up dead, Nick is all about unraveling his murder, since the homicide cops don't seem to be doing much. This gets Nick involved with a teenager named Martine (Juliette Gosselin), who lives in a group home near the murder scene, but desperately wants to be allowed to live with her uncle. She may have seen what happened to Kaz and, together with Elise, she and Nick just might have opened a bigger can of police corruption worms than they ever could have imagined. Will they survive their discovery?

On the flip side, Ben Chartier (Jared Keeso) and Amelie de Grace (Tattiawna Jones) are madly in love and have started living together. They'll have some ups and downs, as Amelie gets a great job offer from an old boyfriend, and she'll also get get pulled into helping with Martine by Nick. Ben's alcoholic dad will continue to be a problem, literally bringing his troubles all the way to Nick and Amelie's doorstep. Ben and Amelie seem to be the couple that can get through just about anything, but their limits will be stretched to the max this season.

Bear Hamelin (Mylène Dinh-Robic) will have a close call this season while on the job and she'll even find herself doing some weird and dangerous work for vice, while Audrey Pouliot (Laurence Lebeouf) will get involved with a musician. J.M. Broulliard (Dan Petronijevic) will be AWOL for the first half of the season, since he is on suspension for his antics and wife-beating, but when he returns, he hasn't changed much. Tyler Joseph (Benz Antoine) backslides a little into his alcoholism, but with the help of a new sponsor named Jerry, (Neil Napier, Helix), who is also a motorcycle cop, he gets back on the straight and narrow, especially when he sees what a mess fellow cop Chloe is making of her life and career. And then there's Richard Dulac (Alexander De Jordy), the rookie whose dad is a higher-up in the force, and he gets paired with Tyler. He's a competent kid, but a screw up in the field costs a fellow cop her stripes, and when he finally does get hazed and a video of the event goes viral, Gendron will be none too pleased.

Once again, 19-2: Season 3 delivers an amazing season of tense, gut-wrenching episodes. This season is pretty squarely focused on Nick and his drama, but as always, Ben gets pulled into the mess. The season finale is even stronger than last season's, and, if you are caught up, you know that's saying something. While the only special feature is a collection of "ride along" videos with Nick and Ben shooting the breeze in their cop car, the show is solid enough to stand without a mass of special features. This show is great and is must-see for anyone who loves a good cop drama. I can't wait to see where they go next season.

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins
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