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Firestorm Upad
Score: 98%
Developer: Thrustmaster


If you want to play a PlayStation 2 game, you'll need a PlayStation 2 compatible controller. No big surprises there. And, for that matter, a controller is a controller, right? Well, not quite. There are good and there are not-so-good controllers. Even among the great controllers, some are more comfortable than others. A few hours into an all-nighter is when these things become ever-so apparent.

The Thrustmaster Firestorm Upad is one of those great pads that is quite simply designed for comfort.


The controls on the Firestorm Upad are accurate and well-placed. More readily obvious is the fact that the Upad throws convention out the window to allow for a more comfortable controller. The weight of the Upad is in that range where it weighs just enough not to feel 'cheap', but is still light enough to use comfortably for hours on end. Additionally, the cord is attached to the center of the controller, pointed directly away from the gamer. This keeps the cord out of the way much better than the typical gamepad configuration. I have used a multitude of controllers in my time, but I find that I tend to use the Firestorm Upad for most of my casual, general-purpose gaming these days. If you want a comfortable controller for those fighting game tournaments that last into the wee hours of the morning - pick up a Thrustmaster Firestorm Upad - but don't let the others play with it... Let them get their own!

  • Innovative, Ergonomic Design
  • Comfortable Textured Rubber Grips
  • 2 Built-In Motors
  • 2 Mini-Sticks
  • Accurate 8-Way D-Pad
  • 8 Action Buttons
  • 3 Modes (Analog, Digital, Negcon©)
  • Turbo Function
  • Compatible with: PlayStation 2, PlayStation, PSOne

Drawbacks & Problems::

Actually, the Firestorm Upad is a very nice controller indeed. It is physically possible to accidentally hit 'Mode' when trying to hit 'Start' or 'Turbo' when trying to hit 'Select' - possible, but unlikely. Out of all of the third party controllers I've seen with extra buttons (i.e., 'Mode', 'Turbo', etc.), the Upad does the best job of spacing things out so they're accessible and not accident-prone.

The main problem I've experienced with the Upad is my friends wanting to try it out when I'm using it...

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins