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Fighting Arena
Score: 100%
Developer: Thrustmaster


There was a time that 'video gamer' was synonymous with 'couch potato'. It seemed that the more a gamer played video games, the less likely he was to exercise much.

Then, Dance Dance Revolution and similar games came out - requiring physical effort on the gamers' part. (When done correctly...) Suddenly, that tall, thin guy that you saw walking in the mall might be the champion DDR player at the arcade. That's fine for some, but some people aren't interested in 'dancing games'...

Enter the Fighting Arena from Thrustmaster. The Fighting Arena does for fighting games what the 'dance pads' did for dancing games. Now, you can play a fighting game while standing on the Fighting Arena and punch and kick to make your character do the same. At the same time, there's all of the standard controls you need on the 'dance-pad' like floor pad; up, down, left, right... and select and start.


First, I have to say that any controller that gets a gamer up and moving around gets bonus points in my book. Then again, it needs to be fun...

The Thrustmaster Fighting Arena achieves both of these goals - in spades! In addition to being wildly fun, it can prove to be a very thorough workout! I have tried Tae-Bo before, and found that minute for minute, using the Fighting Arena was every bit as strenuous a workout. And, whereas Tae-Bo is specifically designed to work certain areas of the body, using the Fighting Arena has the advantage of appealing to your competitive nature. If you have just one unit, you can take turns with a friend - one a regular controller and the other using the Fighting Arena. When one gets tired, you switch up. Best of all, most fighting games allow for customization of the 'power' levels (handicapping), allowing you to even the playing field a bit between the person using the Fighting Arena and the person using the normal controller... My suggestion? Get two and play against a friend till you can't stand up straight! ;)

  • For use with PlayStation, PS2 and PSOne
  • Senses Kicks and Punches as Game Input
  • Provides an Excellent Workout
  • Adjustable Kick / Punch Height
  • Plastic Floor Pad Can be Wiped Clean

Drawbacks & Problems::

The Fighting Arena is fairly large - and requires a good amount of room to use. I had to move my couch back to use it. It would be best to have a gameroom where the Fighting Arena could be left in place, but it can be rolled up for storage. As with any new activity, the Fighting Arena can be tiring at first, but I found that I developed muscle tone in my arms quite rapidly, as well as getting a significant workout in my legs. If you have any health concerns, you should consult your physician before using the Fighting Arena vigorously.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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