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Score: 100%
Developer: SRS Labs


The WOW! unit is a little box that serves as an audio enhancer and a surround sound processor. Simply put, it takes the sound of your video game system and makes it bigger. (Bigger? Oh, you mean it makes it louder?)


No, not louder, per se, but it basically transforms the way that the audio sounds. Imagine the wonderful quality you get to hear when you order a burger at that fast food resturant around the corner with the banged up speaker... Now quickly switch mental images to the last time you were in the middle of an adventure movie at the local megaplex movie theater. Okay now, that's only a slightly larger difference in presence than turning the WOW! unit on... The difference is really amazing. With two simple controls you can manipulate the amount of 'WOW' and 'TruBass' effects to suit your application (and mood). If you want to play without bothering others, you can plug in the headphones and enjoy the enhanced sound by yourself - and the WOW! can make headphones sound amazing!.

  • WOW sound processing (by SRS)
  • TruBass sound processing (by SRS)
  • Compact Size
  • Headphone Jack
  • Compatible with All Video Games
  • Compatible with Audio Devices with Line Out
  • Easy Setup

Drawbacks & Problems::

There are no 'Drawbacks' or 'Problems' with the WOW! device, only one sad note: the human ear has the ability to get used to things quickly. Why is this sad? Because as radical as the change is when I first turned the WOW! unit on, I found that I quickly came to expect the sound to be high quality. I find I don't sit there constantly thinking, 'WOW! This sounds great', (well, sometimes I still do...) but, rather, I've gotten used to it... until I try turning it off... (UG!) Yeah - I guess I've just gotten used to a better lifestyle. So, in the long run is it worth it? Sure, but you better get all of your friends to get one too, or you'll find everyone prefers to play video games at your house...

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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