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DVD Remote Controller
Score: 98%
Developer: Saitek


The PlayStation 2 has the (wonderful) ability to play DVD movies. The functions to control the DVD features can be controlled by a standard PS2 Controller. This, of course, is neither intuitive nor 'cordless', something we've come to expect of entertainment remote controls. The solution? Get a remote control for the DVD functions of your PS2.


Saitek's DVD Remote Controller for PlayStation 2 works very well - at any reasonable angle with the system. It is based on infra-red technology, as your television remote would be. The receiving unit needs no batteries and has a 'pass-thru' port for your controller to plug into. This means that there's no need to switch between your DVD Remote Controller and a normal (or other) controller in port one. Instead, you can plug the DVD Remote Controller into port one and then plug whatever controller you wish into the receiver unit. This way, you basically never have to remove the receiver unit. That makes it a pretty good thing that the receiver matches the style and appearance to the PS2 pretty well. In fact, the remote itself has the PS2 fin design that we're all so familiar with.

The final question is: what do I want in a remote control? If some of your answers include 'small', 'sleek', 'lightweight', 'clearly marked' or 'stylish' then the Saitek DVD Remote Controller for the PlayStation 2 might be perfect for you.

  • Pass-Thru Controller Port
  • Infra-Red Remote
  • Stylish Design Compliments the PS2
  • Clearly Labeled Buttons
  • Lightweight
  • Requires 2 AAA Batteries (not included)

Drawbacks & Problems::

Ah, as you see in the last feature above... 'batteries not included'. Sigh. I can't complain about the DVD Remote Controller needing batteries - it is, of course, wireless, so the power has to come from somewhere, but it sure would be refreshing to be able to put a product to use without running out to get batteries first. Other than the batteries not being included, I have no complaints. The Saitek DVD Remote Controller is the best PS2 DVD remote I've tried out yet.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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