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8MB Memory Card
Score: 100%
Developer: Nyko


If you're going to play games on a PS2, you're going to want to be able to save your game. And for those of you who are 'upgrading' from a PSX to a PlayStation 2, you might not realize it, but you have to have a PS2 - compatible memory card to save your progress in a PS2 game. (And, for that matter, a PlayStation memory card to save your PSX games...). Get the 8MB Memory Card from nYko, and you'll be able to save your PS2 progress - with 8 megabytes of storage!


nYko's 8MB Memory Card is officially licensed by Sony PlayStation. What does that mean? That means it is of excellent quality. As far as time to save/load, I can detect no difference between this card and other Sony licensed memory cards that incorporate Sony's proprietary 'MagicGate' technology.

The main thing that sets nYko's 8MB Memory Card apart is the design of its casing. The unit I tested is a bright yellow color (making it easy to spot - and therefor, harder to lose...). In addition, it has a small section on the underside which is designed to provide grip to aid in proper insertion and removal of the card. Also aiding in removal are some rubber grips on the top of the card, three lines which provide a suitable place to grab, and a oval, slightly concave rubber 'pad' that fits the thumb perfectly and provides excellent grip when removing the card.

  • 8MB of Room for Saved Games
  • For Use with All PS2 Games with Save Options
  • Licensed by SCEA for use with the PS2
  • 4 - Screw Construction
  • Easy to Grip Design
  • Easy to See Bright Yellow Color

Drawbacks & Problems::

It's been this reviewer's experience that most nYko products are well designed. Their 8MB Memory Card is no exception. I really couldn't find any drawbacks or problems with the product. It does retail for a few dollars less than the Sony 1st party memory card. While this is a good thing, it would be nice if it was even cheaper, but I suppose it's true what they say; You get what you pay for.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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