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8MB Memory Card
Score: 100%
Developer: MadCatz


You've finally gotten passed that REALLY hard part in your favorite PS2 game, but you have to go eat dinner! What to do? Save your game. But you'll have to have a PlayStation 2 memory card to save it. With MagicGate technology, PlayStation 2 memory cards hold much more memory than PlayStation Memory cards... and access the information much faster, as well!


Many people stay away from 'third party' memory cards. In some cases, this might have been a good thing. People often have complained of lost games, corrupted memory cards and games that wouldn't work with certain memory cards that used compression.

MadCatz' 8MB Memory Card doesn't fall in that category. While it is made by a third party company, it is an officially licensed product of PlayStation. And, while it holds 8MB of memory, this is the standard size of a PlayStation 2 memory card. So, what you get is a solid, high quality memory card with 'third party' unique styling. In this case, our review unit had a black and transparent blue plastic casing. After hours of use and many saves, I have had no problems with the MadCatz 8MB Memory Card at all.

  • 8 MB Memory for Game Saves
  • Officially Licensed Product
  • Stylish Design

Drawbacks & Problems::

There's not a single thing I can find to say bad about the MadCatz 8MB Memory Card. It's a nice memory card. Period.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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