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Game Station 3
Score: 88%
Developer: Logic 3


The one thing that video game consoles seem to share is their innate abilty to grow in the amount of space required and the amount of a mess they create as additional games and accessories are added.

The Logic 3 Game Station 3 strives to organize your system and thereby help contain the mess.


Logic 3's Game Station 3 has the capacity to hold up to 12 DVD cases (or PS2 game cases) and additional storage in the door for 9 memory cards.

The game/DVD storage area is designed to fit standard DVD cases perfectly. This means that most of your DVD movies and PS2 games will slide right in perfectly. The slots that the disc boxes slide into have a spring-like piece that they rest against at the back of the cabinet. This is used in some CD storage systems to create pressure used to help lock the cases in place behind a small ridge until they are released. However, this ridge is not present in the Game Station 3. This makes the games not exceptionally easy to remove. In particular, I find that the game stored in the very bottom slot is especially difficult to remove do to the close proximity of the door's memory card storage area and hinges.

  • Stores Up To 12 DVDs/PS2 Games in their Cases
  • Has Storage Slots for up to 9 Standard Sized PSX or PS2 Memory Cards
  • Styling Compliments the PS2

Drawbacks & Problems::

Perhaps the part that I found most disappointing was the latching mechanism on the door of the Game Station 3; it is made entirely of plastic, and is not as sturdy as I'd like to see it. In fact, I tried pulling the door open (instead of pushing it in to release the door) as soon as I got it out of the box and broke off part of the locking mechanism on one side. It still will stay closed, but will occasionally open if bumped. However, if you don't try to pull the door open instead of pushing it in, it may last much longer for you.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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