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Skylanders: SuperChargers - Hurricane Jet-Vac, Jet Stream Dual Pack
Score: 87%
Developer: Activision
Device Type: Accessory
Compatible With:

Hurricane Jet-Vac:

Hurricane Jet-Vac
Maximum Health:240
Critical Hit:6
Elemental Power:25

The Skylanders: SuperChargers - Hurricane Jet-Vac, Jet Stream Dual Pack gives players the chance to pick up a SuperCharged pair that not only nets the latest rendition of Jet Vac, but also his signature vehicle, Jet Stream, a plane that not only fits Hurricane Jet-Vac's visual cues, but also has attacks that compliment the Skylander's new set of abilities.

Hurricane Jet-Vac's initial attacks are Shooting the Breeze and Jet Turbine Vacuum. The first lets him shoot a blade that can bounce off of enemies, while the other uses the secondary attack button to suck in enemies and then shoot them back out.

Jet-Vac's extra attack is a flying kick called Somer-Assault. It not only damages the enemy that Jet-Vac lands on, but any along his path also take damage. This ability can be upgraded to do more damage, and the blade attack can be enhanced to bounce off of more enemies while the vacuum ability can eventually unleash a hurricane to dole out more damage in a bigger area.

Hurricane Jet-Vac's upgrade paths will either enhance his Somer-Assault attacks or his gun-based moves. The first branch will add damage to enemies behind Jet-Vac when he launches into his Somer-Assault ability. The next upgrade on this track will cause more damage to the enemies that he finally lands on and the last option lets him finish the attack with a double flip and unleash even more pain.

The other branch starts off with the ability to create a large hurricane that you can shoot your blades into so that they do even more damage. The second upgrade down this path makes the hurricanes explode before they disappear, while the last one lets you shoot a blade while you have an enemy sucked up.

Hurricane Jet-Vac's Soul Gem ability lets the sucked-up enemy bounce around the battlefield like the blades when they are shot out, and as an added bonus, they will explode just before coming to a stop.

Personally, I found myself tending more towards Jet Vac's gun-based attacks, especially since the bouncing blades will deal out a lot of damage on their own if you find yourself surrounded by many enemies.

Jet Stream:

Skylanders: SuperChargers - Hurricane Jet-Vac, Jet Stream Dual Pack's other figure is the Jet Stream air vehicle. This bird-like plane features a pair of articulating wings that are joined together so that moving one up or down causes the other to move as well.

In-game, the Jet Stream has two attacks. One is the Avian Razors, where it shoots out blades very similar to Hurricane Jet-Vac's. The other, Vacuum Bomb, launches two massive blades that spin together and form a tornado between them. Nearby enemies get pulled into this vortex, and much like Jet-Vac's hurricane, a volley of Avian Razors fired at the tornado will help deal extra damage to enemies caught in its grasp.

Jet Stream has four different Performance-altering mods that replace the vehicle's wings. The vehicle starts off with Wind Slashers that add 10 points to the Top Speed stat, while the wings unlocked when you first pair Jet Stream with Hurricane Jet-Vac are called Brassfeather Wings, and they tack on a whopping 300 points to armor. The other two mods include Blade Wings for +15 acceleration and -5 to weight and the Air-Flex Flyers that adds 10 points to the vehicle's handling.

The Specialty options change out the rear-engine part of the vehicle. The initial option is the Wind Frenzies that adds 10 to top speed, while the SuperCharger unlocked Brasslock Engine adds not only 150 points to armor, but also 5 points to weight. The ship's Vortex Core Turbine adds 10 to acceleration, while the Vintage Gorge Crank adds 5 points to both acceleration and handling.

  • Hurricane Jet-Vac
  • Jet Stream

Quests and SuperChared Challenge:

With both toys packaged together in the Skylanders: SuperChargers - Hurricane Jet-Vac, Jet Stream Dual Pack, players not only get the ability to supercharge Jet-Vac, but it also lets the player go to Buzz for a few missions that will add 5 points to Hurricane Jet-Vac's critical hit, and +5 to Jet Vac's handling. Jet-Vac's challenge is to defeat 20 enemies with the Somer-Assault attack, while the Jet Stream needs to take down 50 with Avian Razors.

The SuperCharged Challenge that accompanies this pair has them flying through one of the air-based courses trying to pop as many balloons as possible in the race's three laps. The blue balloons are the biggest, but don't yield as many points as the smaller red balloons, while green ones are smaller yet and will actually apply multipliers to the current scores. Like most of these challenges, there really isn't anything super-difficult in completing the tasks. Once you have your mission from Buzz, you can just play the game normally and if you happen to down an enemy with the correct attack, then the counter in the corner of the screen will appear and update with your latest kill.

Given that Skylanders: SuperChargers - Hurricane Jet-Vac, Jet Stream Dual Pack not only packs two characters together, but it is also a SuperCharger combo, this really is a good deal for someone looking to complete the game as much as possible with as little investment as possible. The game itself already comes with a land vehicle and its signature Skylander, and the addition of this set adds a solid pair for any air-based side-quests you want to go on. Unless you've already picked up a SuperCharger pair of air vehicles, this particular Dual Pack is worth picking up.

-J.R. Nip, GameVortex Communications
AKA Chris Meyer

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