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Skylanders: Swap Force - Zoo Lou
Score: 84%
Developer: Activision
Device Type: Accessory
Compatible With:


Zoo Lou
Critical Hit:6
Elemental Power:25


Zoo Louís base attack, Bird Call, uses his club. The club actually works more like a wand and shoots out birds, which actually makes him more of a ranged character. His secondary attack, Wolf Call, calls a wolf, which can be very helpful. I always like when you have another character helping attack for free. Zoo Lou has four upgrades before you choose your path. The first, Piggyback Ride, gives you a third attack. When you call it, a boar appears that Zoo Lou hops on to ride around. The boar attacks and Zoo Lou can attack while on his back, giving you double damage. The next upgrade, Raging Boar, makes your boar stronger. After you buy Swoop Re-Loop, the birds that are released on his primary attack will attack twice before disappearing. The last upgrade before the paths is Better Beaks, which will make your birds' attack more powerful.

Zoo Louís paths focus on two different areas. The top path upgrades the boar attacks and the bottom path upgrades the wolf attacks. On the top, first you have Rough Rider, which lets your boar damage a bigger area. Next is Thicker Pigskin which is passive. It makes Zoo Louís armor permanently higher. Finally there is Hog Wild, which lets your boar continue attacking for a small time after Zoo Lou hops off.

The bottom path has Alpha Wolf, which makes your wolf more powerful and a bit more armored. Hunger of the Wolf is second. After buying it, your wolf will be faster and more aggressive. Finally you have Hunter and Gatherer. This one can be really helpful, especially on the harder difficulties when you need to be healed more frequently. It will give your wolf the ability to dig up food at random times, which can be very helpful!

Finally, after either upgrade path you get to Zoo Louís Soul Gem (which can be found in Mudwater Hollow) attack, Birds of Prey. When you call it, you hold down the primary attack button to bring down up to five birds. When you release the button, all the birds will attack at once!

  • Series 1
  • Compatible with: Skylanders: Swap Force


My first note is to be aware if you have young kids. I have managed to remove his club from his hand (accidentally when thrown in a bag) so he is not a character I would give to a small child that might decide to want to choke on something small. The club will go back in easily, so itís not permanently broken.

Of the two upgrade paths, I really like the wolf one better. Personally, I had trouble controlling the boar and where it was attacking. You don't have to control the wolf. He will just go after the enemies wherever you are. Heíll last a pretty long time too, especially after the upgrades.

Zoo Lou is a ranged character, but his attacks also work well up close. The boar attack is a melee attack as well, so Zoo Lou is a decent, all-purpose character. I havenít found that he is my favorite to go back to over and over though. I think that is because his attacks feel a bit slow a times, so I donít feel like I do the amount of damage that I can with some of the other characters in the same amount of time. If youíre looking for a good, solid character though, Zoo Lou might just be for you.

-Cyn, GameVortex Communications
AKA Sara Earl

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