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Skylanders: Swap Force - Big Bang Trigger Happy
Score: 72%
Developer: Activision
Device Type: Accessory
Compatible With:


Big Bang Trigger Happy
Critical Hit:10
Elemental Power:25


Big Bang Trigger Happys basic primary attack has him throw a safe at the enemies. Dont ask me where he stores all these safes at though! His secondary attack has him shoot the guns that he always holds. He has four basic upgrades before you get to the paths. Golden Super Charge lets you hold down the appropriate attack button to charge it up. When you release the button, the attacks will be more powerful. Golden Mega Charge will let you charge up even longer for a stronger secondary attack. Pot O Gold makes your primary attack more powerful. When you buy Golden Machine Gun, it will give you an extra attack which creates a machine gun that you can even aim. I found it took a bit of time to get used to, but once you do, it can be a powerful attack. If you look after the paths, youll see two more abilities for Big Bang Trigger Happy. Infinite Ammo lets you set up the machine gun for as long as you want (he must store the ammo with the safes that he never seems to run out of). The last ability is called Rocket Ride!. It will let him ride a missile so that he looks pretty much like the Skylander figurine on top of a rocket.

Big Bang Trigger Happy has two upgrade paths. The top path increases the power of your guns and the bottom path increases the power of the Pot O Gold. For the top path, Happiness is a Golden Gun increases the base damage of your guns when you simply fire. Bouncing Bullets makes your bullets ricochet off of the walls, which can be quite handy. Golden Yamato Blast lets you charge your secondary attack even more for more damage. On the bottom path, Just Throwing Money Away lets you throw further. Coinsplosion makes your pot explode to do more damage to the enemies. Heads or Tails makes it so that you now throw a giant coin that is even more damaging. Plus, if it happens to land on heads it will become a mine that is quite harmful to enemies!

  • Compatible With:
    • Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
    • Skylanders: Giants
    • Skylanders: Swap Force
  • Series 3 Character


Throughout the Skylanders series, Trigger Happy has been one of my least favorite characters. I find his primary attack difficult to use and not effective enough. I must say that I am finding Big Bang Trigger Happy a bit easier to use. It could just be that I have gotten more used to the character, but I like his guns more now. The Pot O Gold attack still isnt any easier though, so I just avoid using it.

Funny enough, even though Big Band Trigger Happy is still one of my least favorites to use, I love playing with someone else using him. His voice, actions, and phrases never cease to make me laugh!

-Cyn, GameVortex Communications
AKA Sara Earl

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