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Remote Free
Score: 97%
Developer: Nyko


Now, I know a number of you PS2 owners also use the PS2 for it's DVD functionality. I'm also pretty sure that select group of you also have to juggle between using the TV remote and PS2 Controller. Throw in a sound system remote, and you're in even more trouble. Think about it, watching a DVD on the PS2 can become something of a chore. Plug in the controller, turn on the TV, pop in the DVD, and go through every remote making sure everything is set right -- it could take awhile. Besides, this also creates clutter, not to mention the battery costs for keeping all those remotes working. This is the reason universal remotes were created, but the PS2 has always been the odd man out. Until now, with the release of Nyko's Remote Free.


Installing the Remote Free is as easy as opening the package and plugging the device into the controller slot (you may want to clear a minute or two from your schedule). Setting up the device is even easier, just find your model remote on the easy to use list and set the jumpers accordingly. Easy, huh?

I was very impressed with the Remote Free's easy installation and functionality. I was quickly able to set it up in working order with at least three different universal remotes, including a sorry looking Kmart special I keep hidden from the eyes of visitors. The device supports nearly 25 different models, ranging from the big names like Sony and Panasonic, to more obscure names like Konka and Onkyo. Quick, easy and it works -- what more could you ask for?

  • Control your PS2 DVD functionality using your existing universal or DVD remote
  • 30 foot range
  • Eliminates the need for multiple remotes
  • Compatible with over 25 universal DVD remote controls

Drawbacks & Problems::

The Remote Free's problems are few, but notable. The easiest to notice is the lack of a passthrough for your controller, meaning that you'll have to plug the device in every time you want to watch a DVD. At first this may seem like a pain, or at least a minor inconvenience, but when you consider you're going to have to put the DVD in the machine anyway, it's less of a problem. This problem aside, there's really nothing bad to be said about the Remote Free. Installation is easy and the functionality is great, making the device a godsend for financially challenged PS2 owners who have to use the PS2 as their primary DVD player.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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