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Cordless Freedom
Score: 78%
Developer: Logitech
Device Type: Controller


Looking for an extra controller for your PS3? The PS3 can support several controllers, but only four via the built-in wireless controller setup; additional controllers are supported, however, via USB.

Logitech's Cordless Freedom gamepad uses the USB port, but still gives you a wireless experience. It comes with a 2.4 GHz RF receiver, about the size of a thumb drive, that plugs into the PS3's USB port.

For those of you who never fully became converts to the new "analog stick" mantra, the Cordless Freedom offers a "D/Mode" feature that allows you to use the D-pad on games that expect analog stick input. Those who do like analog controls will probably be more impressed with the analog triggers and the high performance analog sticks.


I was quite surprised to find that I could plug in the receiver, drop the batteries into the controller, and then just start using the controller. I did press the (Connect) button on the USB receiver before trying to use the controller, but that was out of habit from using wireless devices which had to be synched up before they would work. After (later) reading the instructions, I discovered that the controller and receiver are, in fact, paired at the factory. I could have simply plugged it in and started playing. My pushing the (Connect) button actually made the controller re-synch with the receiver, but it occurred so quickly that I didn't realize it was happening. At any rate, setup is quite simple.

The feel of the Cordless Freedom is nice. It weighs a little bit more than the stock PS3 controller and helps to make up for the lost weight due to the lack of inclusion of the vibration motors. There is also a slight (though uniform) texture to the surface that, along with the more contoured design, feels good in the hand, even after long periods of gameplay.

The one test I almost didn't do, but stumbled on by accident was trying this controller with a PlayStation 2 title. As it turns out, this controller won't work with certain PlayStation 2 games that require Dual-Shock Analog controllers. If you're not replacing your only controller or you're not into PS2 games, this might very well be a non-issue for you, but it's worth mentioning, for those who are upgrading to the PS3 and still play old PS2 games or, for that matter, still play (and review) newly released PlayStation 2 games.

The Cordless Freedom is really a mixed bag; what it does, it does well. However, there are things that you would expect that the Cordless Freedom simply doesn't deliver on. You do get...

  • "Cordless Freedom" - 2.4GHz RF technology
  • USB receiver
  • PlayStation (PS) Button
  • D/Mode - Use D-Pad Instead of Analog Stick
  • Analog Triggers
  • Advanced D-Pad
  • Two High Performance Analog Sticks
  • Play From Up to 30 Feet Away
  • Two 'AA' Batteries Included
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

Drawbacks & Problems::

...but you don't get compatibility with your older system's games. You also don't get the tilt and motion controls that the SIXAXIS features. The ability to use your D-pad as if it were an analog stick is going to appeal to some people, but these same people won't appreciate the "High Performance" analog sticks it has. And vice-versa. The fact that you can use it when upgrading your PS3 without having to connect a controller to your system is neat, but hardly a selling point; it is not even mentioned in the paperwork. I just stumbled on this one while using the Cordless Freedom. It is not, necessarily, a bad controller, but it seems like it is not marketed at a specific type of user, just sort of put together with whatever features they could put in. The product feels sturdy, as Logitech products tend to, but it is really a product that requires more of a personal evaluation than one that you can simply take any reviewers' opinions on. If you know someone with one, see if you can try it out before making any decisions. In the mean time, you can answer the questions below and come up with your own personal score based on what you think is important. These numbers may not be exactly what you would come up with, but I'm trying to allow you to "ballpark" a score on certain factors. Good luck...

You score it!

  • I need a controller so I can play:
    Original PSX Games
    PlayStation 2 Games
    PlayStation 3 Games
  • I prefer:
    Rechargable internal batteries
    Normal 'AA's, but included.
    Don't really care.
  • When I have to update my PS3, I...
    would love to do it from the comfort of my couch.
    love the unexpected game of hide and seek with my connection cable.
  • The SIXAXIS is okay, but I would prefer a controller that weighs...
  • To me, the SIXAXIS motion feature is...
    a must-have!
    not that big of a deal.
    basically useless!
  • I prefer gamepads that are shaped
    exactly like the SIXAXIS.
    more contoured than the SIXAXIS.
    more angular than the SIXAXIS.
  • Given the choice of Analog Sticks or a good D-Pad...
    I'll take a good D-Pad, any day!
    I prefer to be able to choose.
    give me a high performance Analog Stick!
    I don't really care - I'll use either.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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