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4.0 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo
Score: 100%
Developer: Sandisk
Device Type: Memory/Storage


Memory storage for your PSP. Now you can save your favorite music content, video content and save your games (all on the same Memory Stick Pro Duo).


If you've tried to do anything media-related with your PSP using the Memory Stick Pro Duo that comes with it, you've most likely discovered just how inadequate that amount really is for storing music and video. It's fine for a few saved games, but not much more than that.

Sandisk's 4.0 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo gives you a lot more breathing room -- 128 times the amount of storage in a 32MB stick. What can you do with that much memory? You can save games with reckless abandon. You can store your favorite music as well as your not-so-favorite music. You can actually store a movie or two, depending on your choice of movies.

Not only that, you can browse the web with the PSP browser. If you've tried browsing on your PSP, you've no doubt encountered a "Out of Memory" error. I believe this is partly due to the internal memory, not just the size of your memory stick, but I used to get it every two minutes before using the Sandisk 4.0 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo -- and had to clear the web cache and history before I could browse any more. With the 4.0 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, I've only gotten an "Out of Memory" error twice -- and both times the error seemed to have no real consequence; I was still able to continue browsing without clearing any memory out and the page seemed to have loaded just fine.

Just how much storage is 4.0 GB? That's approximately enough space for 2.7 days of non-stop MP3 music. That's enough space to actually hold a couple of movies for your next plane trip. Think about it. A single layered DVD holds 4.7GB of data, the 4.0 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo holds almost that much - and PSP video is a fraction of the resolution of a DVD. That's even enough to use your PSP temporarily as a portable hard-drive to transfer files from one computer to another.

  • Save your game data from your PSP
  • Listen to Digital MP3 Music
  • Play your favorite MPEG-4 videos
  • View your favorite JPEG photos
  • Compatible with other devices with a Memory Stick PRO Duo slot (including digital cameras)
  • Use your PSP to transfer up to 4GB of files between computers

Drawbacks & Problems::

The SanDisk 4.0 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo worked very well, behaving like the original Memory Stick PRO Duo that came with my PSP, but with a massive storage ability. SanDisk's 4GB MS PRO Duo comes in one color - a transparent red. While I find the color to be stylish, the lack of other colors means that if you want a 4GB MS PRO Duo from SanDisk, you'll have to take that color. The only other drawback of this bright color is that if you have it outside of your PSP where it is visible, it is easy to see at a glance that you have a SanDisk 4.0 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, making it more desirable than if it were plain black like the originals where potential pick-pockets may assume it's a 32MB stick.

If it sounds like I'm grasping at straws for anything negative, it is with good reason. The 4.0 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo is a wonderful product which can really help to release the true usefulness of your PSP. As long as you're not allergic to transparent red plastic, the 4.0 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo is a great stick to get for your PSP.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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