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GameTrak Game System
Score: 92%
Developer: MadCatz
Device Type: Controller


The GameTrak Game System acts as a "Direct Motion Capture" device. What does that mean to you? Plug in the system and strap on the gloves, and your PS2 can now know what your hands are doing, allowing a game that's compatible, such as Real World Golf, to instantly mirror your motion onscreen.

The GameTrak's main controls are two sensors that measure both angle and distance (in reference to the base unit they're built into). The combination of angle and distance allows for precise determination of hand location. Furthermore, if, as in a golf game, the hands are together and holding the same object, the distance can be used to determine rotation on that object.


The idea of the GameTrak is to provide a very intuitive and meaningful interface for games that simulate physical activities - specifically that deal with hand motions. These include games such as baseball, where you swing a bat, boxing where your hands are the most important aspect of the game, and golf, which the game that came with my GameTrak controller, Real World Golf was about.

I found that the GameTrak System allowed Real World Golf to quickly and fairly accurately represent my positioning on the screen - once it was properly calibrated. The club rotation was not as accurate, but could probably have been improved if the game had additional calibration specifically for tilting the club.

One thing that should be fully possible with the GameTrak but wasn't implemented in the game is the calculation of the actual distance that a ball would travel, given the specific swing that the player performs. The game uses "power" percentages and applies that to the abilities of the golfer you're playing as, rather than calculating your personal ability based on the swing.

The GameTrak Game System does not emulate a standard controller in any way, and as such, may only be used with games that support it explicitly. However, if you're into a game that specifically supports the GameTrak, you will find that the GameTrak not only lets you, "Play In The Game" as their tag-line decrees, but also can give you a pretty decent workout - which is always a plus for a game controller.

  • 1 Pair of Trak Gloves Included (One Size Fits Most)
  • Instant Movement Mirroring On-Screen
  • Direct Motion Capture
  • PS2 Compatible (USB)
  • Includes Base Unit with Expansion Slot
  • Includes Foot Pedal (Expansion)
  • 6'1" USB Cord
  • Includes Mini-Club*
  • Includes Real World Golf*
    *Unless purchased separately

Drawbacks & Problems::

The GameTrak Game System provides a good simulation experience, but the Mini-Club that comes with Real World Golf takes away from the realism a bit. If you have the room, it is possible to use a real golf club with the GameTrak, making it feel much more realistic. Additionally, since only one pair of gloves comes with the system, multiplayer games will require either swapping gloves between players when you switch players or purchasing additional pairs of gloves, which are available from the MadCatz Store website for about $10.

One minor gripe I have with the GameTrak for the PS2 is that the cord wasn't long enough for my tastes. This is undoubtedly influenced by the fact that my PS2 is located higher in my entertainment center than my Xbox, but I found that I couldn't get as far away from the screen as I would have liked. It's not all in my head, mind you; the Xbox version has a cord that's seven inches longer. Sometimes an extra half-foot makes a difference.

The other drawback to the GameTrak is that, since it's not a standard controller - and can't be used to emulate one - you're limited to using it with games that are specifically designed for use with the GameTrak. While these games are liable to be pretty cool, there's only a few that are even rumored to be coming out. There's a fighting game called Dark Wind that was published in the UK for the PS2, and there's talk of an upcoming baseball game called Slugger and possibly a sword fighting game.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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