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PSP Micro Kit
Score: 99%
Developer: Mad Catz
Device Type: Multi


Mad Catz? PSP Micro Kit is a lower end starter pack for your PSP. Mind you, the components within are top-notch; there?s just not a lot of them in this combo.

You get a soft (leather-like) case, a pair of ear-buds (in-ear headphones) in their own case, and six UMD cases to protect your media.


The soft Fitted Case that comes with this combo is nicely designed. It holds your PSP firmly in place, offers good protection against minor bumps on the front and back, and includes a belt loop to allow it to be easily carried about with you. The inside of the case has a felt-like material that helps to protect the screen against scratches. For more protection, it is possible to use this case in conjunction with Nyko?s Screen Armor, although it is a tight fit.

The In-Ear Headphones that come in this kit are actually pretty nice. They have high sound quality, are quite comfortable to wear, don?t completely block out your environmental sounds around you, and roll up into their own clamshell carrying case.

The UMD Cases are a nice touch ? they protect your UMDs from accidental damage to their exposed reading slot. You don?t want grit, grime, and fingerprints in this exposed area. The UMD Cases help to protect them when they?re in transit.

All-in-all, this is a very good starter kit for the money. Mad Catz? products are good, and if you compare the price of similar products from other companies, you?ll see that this combo is a very good deal.


Drawbacks & Problems::

You know a product is good when the ?Drawbacks? section has a bonus in it, but here goes: I have reason to believe that some of these units may actually have real leather cases in them. The packaging was altered by placing stickers over the signage that said ?Leather Case? and replaced it with ?Fitted Case.? This may have been a production change at some point to reduce production costs, but the one I received for review smelled very much like leather. If you decide to pick up the PSP Micro Kit, good luck; you may get a real leather case!

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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