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PSP Pro-Tec Kit
Score: 95%
Developer: Mad Catz
Device Type: Memory/Storage


You lookin? for protection? Youse came to the right place...

Mad Catz? PSP Pro-Tec Kit has but one goal in mind: To keep your PSP safe and sound. That?s a valiant and noble goal ? and keeps you in the market for other accessories later, I suppose.


The PSP Pro-Tec Kit isn?t intended to be everything you need for your PSP ? just everything you need to keep your PSP protected. And, to that end, it?s a pretty nice package. Out of the list of products that Mad Catz is offering at PSP launch, the ones that are designed to help protect your PSP investment are here.

You get the Hard Case ? not the best case for carrying your PSP around everywhere, but definitely nice for protecting your PSP against the elements and bumps and scratches. This Hard Case holds two games and a PSP, all snugly in place. You can protect your PSP?s screen with the four included Screen Protectors. These should take the brunt of small scratches from abrasive items and grit. Your UMDs are also a bit vulnerable, with their square opening, used for reading, exposing the disc to grit, grime, and fingerprints. This combo pack includes six UMD Cases to keep these safe and increase their longevity. You also get some In-Ear Headphones that come in their own protective case.

This is far from being the most encompassing combo pack available for the PSP, but it allows you to cover your protection needs with a single purchase. You can get the luxuries later, right?


Drawbacks & Problems::

While the Hard Case holds your PSP and two UMDs snugly, the PSP can only be held in one orientation ? with the screen upward toward the UMDs. It appears that the screen does not come in contact with the UMDs or the inside of the case, but since it?s closed, you can?t see for certain. At any rate, using the Screen Protectors should help in this respect and the fact that the PSP doesn?t move around should keep it from getting scratched up.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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