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Car Charger
Score: 100%
Developer: Pelican Accessories
Device Type: Power


If you?re like me and you find occasions that you?re on the road for long stretches at a time, you?re likely to find times that you?d like to use your PSP but you didn?t get a chance to charge it. That?s where Pelican?s Car Charger comes in. The Car Charger is an adapter that lets you power your PSP from a 12v automotive lighter/accessory outlet.


Adapters are pretty much a no-frills item; you plug it in and it does its thing. The Car Charger is no different. However, with its six-foot cord, you have the convenience of locating your PSP pretty much anywhere you might want to in most vehicles. When your PSP is done charging, the Car Charger automatically shuts off to avoid damaging your PSP. Add to this the five-year product Warranty and Pelican?s Console Protection Guarantee and you?ve got more than just power on-the-go, you?ve got peace of mind.

  • 6? Cord
  • 2 Hour charge time
  • Universal plug
  • High quality shielded wire
  • Automatic full charge shut-off
  • 5-Year product warranty
  • Console Protection Guarantee

Drawbacks & Problems::

A six-foot cord length can be a mixed blessing. Although it?s great to be able to reach across the front seat and into the back, for example, the further it is draped around inside the car, the more you need to be careful of catching the cord in pinch points such as the seat folding/moving mechanisms. You also don?t want to leave cord looped around where someone could get caught on it.

If you practice safe cord management, however, the Car Charger can keep you playing games, watching movies, and listening to your MP3s whether you?re commuting, going on vacation, or even camping.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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