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Extension Cable
Score: 90%
Developer: Sunflex
Device Type: Accessory


Sunflex?s Extension Cable is a handy cord to extend the distance between you and your PlayStation (or PlayStation 2). If wireless controllers aren?t your thing, or you just don?t want to break in a new controller, the Extension Cable gives you an extra 2 meters of room to game; for the metrically challenged out there, that?s about 6 feet.


The Extension Cable has a plug that fits any controller cord plus another plug for the console, and that?s about as hard as it gets. The cord itself isn?t any thicker than the controller wire, so when you?re connected, it all seems like one big outfit. It seems to work fine between the two consoles (PSX & PS2), and although I was only able to try it with standard controllers and an arcade-pad, the Extension Cable also supports peripheral hardware like a fishing controller, light gun, and steering wheel. If it plugs into a controller port, this baby gives you 6 more feet of cable to put it on a table, share more room for multiplayer gaming, or just reach that comfy couch.

  • Extends the reach of PlayStation controller
  • Supports special controllers or light guns
  • Sturdy construction and standard PlayStation ports
  • PlayStation 2 compatible
  • 6? of cable

Drawbacks & Problems::

Well, having 6 extra feet means 6 extra feet of cable. If you live in a house where people are already complaining about all the gaming crap you?ve got stashed everywhere, Sunflex?s Extension Cable may not be a very big hit. With wireless getting cheaper, this cord is a bit of a hard sell. The only other thing even approaching a problem was with the PS2. For some reason, I noticed a behavior after Sleeping the unit where the signal didn?t seem to be making it through on restart. Since this was designed and tested on the PlayStation, all I can think is that something about the Sleep feature on PS2 crosses this wire?s wires... Plugging and unplugging didn?t help, but another restart did the trick. This weird thing aside, being able to play Final Fantasy IX in my favorite chair was a nice feeling, and being able to get some distance from your friends on Multi-Tap is another great use of this cord.

-Fridtjof, GameVortex Communications
AKA Matt Paddock

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