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G Grips
Score: 70%
Developer: Pelican
Device Type: Accessory


G Grips are an add-on designed for the Sony Dual Shock controller. Pelican claims that it will also work with the Sony first generation controller. This review is based on using the G Grips with the Sony Dual Analog/Dual Shock controller. Our test showed that the G Grips fit too poorly on the first generation Sony controller to be considered as a feature.


These ?game grips? are intended to aid your control by preventing slips. The product itself is designed well for this purpose. The rubber grips are similar to the coating found on some aftermarket controllers (for example, the MadCatz Dual Force Analog controller). Unfortunately, the adhesive included is insufficient to properly affix the handles in place. After removing the G Grips and replacing them a couple of times, the adhesive becomes unusable. If the G Grips were permanently installed on the controller, they no doubt would enhance the durability of the controller. As it is, the adhesive flaw is a fatal one.

  • Enhanced rubber grip
  • Added comfort
  • Reduces slipping
  • Color coding allows for easier identification

Drawbacks & Problems::

The one (major) failing of the product is the adhesive. The adhesive included is just a small piece of double sided adhesive for each side. This is not anywhere near enough adhesive to actually hold the G Grips in place, especially under extended high-stress gameplay. This is a serious oversight, considering the G Grips would mainly be needed and purchased by those die-hard gamers who play hard and for long periods of time. With the proper adhesive, the G Grips coulda beena contenda. As packaged, the G Grips simply don?t stay put.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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