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Dual Force
Score: 92%
Developer: Mad Catz
Device Type: Controller


The Mad Catz Dual Force analog controller is very responsive and has three modes of operation: Digital, Dual Force (Analog), and a Steering Wheel compatible mode. It?s both familiar and comfortable, being very similar in design to Sony?s Dual Shock controller, but having soft, rubberized grips, and rubber coated analog sticks. All this, combined with a Turbo feature, makes for a very solid, multi-use controller. If that wasn?t enough, the Mad Catz Dual Force even allows you to use the analog sticks on digital games. Just set the mode to Digital and use the sticks instead. If you can only own one controller -- this should be it.


The feel of the Dual Force is very comfortable, and it?s of average weight. This controller is fine for hours of continued use without fatigue.

The Dual Force is very much like other Dual Shock compatible controllers. Just make sure you are set to the correct mode. The only real point of difference that could be hard to get used to is the centrally located button cluster (Select, Start, Turbo, and Mode). At first, you may end up changing the mode when you intend to Pause the game (accidentally). The slightly oversized Start button does make this somewhat easier to overcome, however.

  • Excellent vibration feedback (Dual Shock)
  • Three modes:
    • Dual Force (analog)
    • Analog steering wheel compatible
    • Standard digital
  • Tactile rubber grips
  • Integrated push-down buttons on analog sticks (L3 & R3)
  • Requires three AAA batteries (upcoming version will not)
  • 6? cord
  • High-impact plastic and rubber construction

Drawbacks & Problems::

There are precisely two problems with the Mad Catz Dual Force analog controller. One is that the Option buttons (Select, Start, Turbo, and Mode) are not in industry standard positions. This can lead to changing modes when attempting to Pause a game. The second problem is that the unit we tested requires three AAA batteries for the Dual Shock feedback feature. I have heard, however, that an upcoming version of this controller will not require batteries. So, when purchasing a Dual Force, be aware of whether or not it uses batteries.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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