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Pro Shock Lite
Score: 94%
Developer: Blaze
Device Type: Controller


Hmmm... a digital controller. Well, with an arcade stick, that?s to be expected. Furthermore, despite its smaller package, the Pro Shock Lite handles pretty well. It?s definitely more for your ?classic? or ?fighter? games, but as far as arcade sticks go, this one?s proof that good stuff DOES come in small packages. Utilizing high quality (scaled down) arcade style components, the Pro Shock Lite provides a nice (though diminutive) arcade feel, with a small footprint.


The Pro Shock Lite is easy to understand. It?s actually quite straight forward. The controls are all well marked and laid out in an easily accessible manner. The only ?trick? to this controller is the slightly different configuration of the standard action buttons. Their orientation is slightly rotated to the right, putting the Triangle button to the right and a little higher than the Square button. This allows the four action buttons and the four shoulder buttons to be lined up in an ?8-button fighter-style? layout. This takes a little getting used to, but works well once you grow accustomed to it.

The Pro Shock Lite is lightweight and easy on the hands. I have pretty large hands and had no problem using it. If you have the room, don?t need the portability, and prefer full-sized controls, you should check out the Blaze Twin Shock Home Arcade. If you?re looking for a good arcade stick that you can take with you easily and can store away easily, then you?ve found it in the Pro Shock Lite.

  • Slow Motion
  • Independent Turbo fire
  • Dual Shock compatible
  • ?Fighter? layout
  • Arcade quality components
  • Rubber feet for traction
  • 6?6? cord

Drawbacks & Problems::

This one might feel small to some. That?s because it is small. The Pro Shock Arcade stick is a great controller. The Pro Shock Lite is essentially the Pro Shock Arcade?s ?Mini-Me.? The only difference is the Pro Shock Lite is much less likely to bite you at the kneecaps. If you like the arcade feel and want portability, the Pro Shock Lite is definitely the way to go.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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