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Erazer MP5
Score: 85%
Developer: Blaze
Device Type: Controller


Last year I had the pleasure of testing out some cool hardware distributed by X-Gear Games. I was quite pleased with the products I reviewed. Since that time, I have had many people write me asking where they can purchase some of the products released by X-Gear Games. It seems that there were not a whole lot of them to be had, as the X-Games venture was a sort of field test to see how Blaze?s products would fare in the United States market. I am happy to say that Blaze will soon be distributing several new products, as well as new and improved versions of some of the products I reviewed last year, throughout the United States. Based on the previews I?ve had of the European models, I?d say we?re in for a treat.

Please Note: The Erazer MP5 is actually an overseas production model. There may be some changes in the product before it is released in the United States. However, this is written to inform you of what you can expect to see in the near future.


Unequalled accuracy. The Erazer MP5 is extremely accurate and has a nicely working built-in sniper sight. It also has a conveniently located manual reload lever that can be thrown with the thumb. Of course... that?s if you don?t set it to Auto Reload. The Erazer MP5 is also GunCon compatible.

The Erazer MP5 has a recoil feature that can be turned on or off, depending on your taste. The feature has a ?kicking? action to it... it is not a simple vibration, unlike most guns with a recoil action. Also, the recoil action feature is as loud as heck! This feature is great for aggravating that special someone in your life be it unnerving your mother, driving your wife insane, or just scaring your dog under your furniture. (Sorry, Beanie.) The bad thing is this feature requires four AA batteries. However, if you try it out, you?ll see why it needs so much power.

This gun has an accuracy which will reserve it its special place in your armory (as it has in mine). Just point and shoot. The better you point, the better you shoot. Actually, the gun is extremely accurate, so it is easier to learn on this gun than others that don?t have the same consistency. However, I will have to warn you -- if you live with anyone or near anyone, you won?t be allowed to keep the recoil feature on the whole time. Otherwise, this gun is good for hours of fun... and it might just improve your aim, to boot!

  • Serious machinegun recoil feedback (requires four AA batteries)
  • GunCon compatible
  • Auto Reload
  • Auto Fire
  • Manual reload lever switch
  • Dual end connector -- Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn compatible
  • 6?4? cord

Drawbacks & Problems::

The scale of this gun is well fitted for your teenage and younger crowd, but is a bit small for me. (Bear in mind that I am 27-years-old, 6?2? tall and have large hands.) Also, the machinegun recoil has a strong kick to it, but is seriously loud. The sound is created by the physical operation of the device, so there is no volume control other than to turn this feature off. I would expect that your younger gamers will love this feature... as long as they can retreat to their rooms to play PSX... far from short-tempered parents and others with weak resolve. Other than those two points, the gun works beautifully. It also happens to look extremely wicked. If you?re looking for a gun as good as the Erazer MP5, but know you won?t be able to use the high volume machinegun recoil feature, you might want to check out Blaze?s Scorpion gun. It?s one of my personal favorites.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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