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Score: 100%
Developer: GlovesPlay
Device Type: Miscellaneous


The GlovesPlay is a controller cover designed to fit over your PlayStation controller and reduce hand strain and fatigue. GlovesPlay's suede leather outer layer and internal padding are designed to allow for a comfortable grip, while its elastic loops hold it firmly in place.


I recently used the GlovesPlay for several hours while reviewing DRIV3R. I found the GlovesPlay to be almost like a leather steering wheel or leather driving gloves, allowing me to drive for hours without suffering any hand fatigue or hand strain. I found that it made my PlayStation 2 controller much more comfortable - and I find the PS2 controller to be comfortable on its own.

The two built-in elastic strap loops fit over both shoulder button areas, but do so without getting in the way. I found that these loops were easy to install and held the GlovesPlay firmly in place during the entire time I played DRIV3R - and we're talking about SEVERAL hours. Until 6 in the morning, but that's a story for another review.

Usually, if I'm reviewing a product that increases comfort, the best praise I hope to give is, "I forgot it was even there." That's not true of the GlovesPlay, however. I found myself thinking from time to time about just how comfortable the controller felt. It's just that good.

  • Suede Leather Feel
  • 2 Elastic Loops Keep Secure Grip
  • Soft, Padded Grip
  • Reduces Hand Strain / Hand Fatigue
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Machine Washable
  • Easy Installation

Drawbacks & Problems::

The only complaint I could say about this product is that it is won't fit all third-party controllers as well as it does the original PlayStation controllers (PlayStation, PS2 and PSOne). However, this is to be expected, as the GlovesPlay is specifically fitted for the PlayStation-made controllers.

All-in-all, I found the GlovesPlay to be a very nice product. I highly recommend the GlovesPlay to any gamer who uses their original PS2 controller and plays for long periods of time. Your hands will thank you.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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