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Fallout: New Vegas: Gun Runner's Arsenal
Score: 95%
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Media: Download/1
Players: 1
Genre: RPG/Adventure/First Person Shooter

Intro :
Like shooting things? Sure you do - otherwise you wouldn't play first-person shooters. The desire to aim down a barrel is even more important when traveling the Mojave, otherwise you'll end up dead really quick.

Fallout: New Vegas: Gun Runner's Arsenal is the second of two DLC packs Bethesda slipped in right under player's noses last week. The first, Courier's Stash, was geared toward newcomers, leaving little value for veteran players who've crossed the desert multiple times. Gun Runner's Arsenal is aimed directly at these players. Like Courier's Stash it doesn't offer any new story content, but does give you a few more options in your loadout.

What Is It?:
Fallout: New Vegas: Gun Runner's Arsenal offers players a cool set of options for dealing with the worst of what New Vegas throws at them. For around $4, you gain access to numerous weapons, weapon mods and ammo types. Although a big chunk of the weapons cater to ranged characters, there are a couple of really nice melee weapons available as well. I'm not much for getting up close and personal, but with a rev'd up chainsaw, I'll happily charge into the fray without regard for my personal health. If you can't find something to fit your play style, you're not looking hard enough.

Although the new weapons do border on the extreme (such as a mini-nuke launcher), none feel out of balance or too powerful. You'll gain a bit of a power boost if you're still near the start of your adventure, though players on the back-end will find the new weapons give you just enough of a edge power-wise to match up against harder enemies, but not enough to break the encounters.

What Do I Get?:

  • 12.7mm Submachine Gun
  • 25mm Grenade APW
  • 5.56mm Pistol
  • Anti-material Rifle
  • Assault Carbine
  • Baseball Bat
  • Battle Rifle
  • Bozar
  • Chainsaw
  • Cleansing Flame
  • Embrace of the Mantis King
  • Esther
  • Fat Man
  • Fat Mine
  • Gehenna
  • Greased Lightning
  • Hunting Revolver
  • Katana
  • Laser Pistol
  • Li'l Devil
  • MF Hyperbreeder Alpha
  • MFC Cluster
  • MFC Grenade
  • Medicine Stick
  • Nuka Breaker
  • Nuka-grenade
  • Paciencia
  • Plasma Defender
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Power Fist
  • Ripper
  • Sleepytyme
  • Sprtel-Wood 9700
  • The Smitty Special
  • Time Bomb, High Yield
  • Tin Grenade
  • Tri-beam Laser Rifle
  • Two-Step Goodbye


  • 12 gauge, 4/0 Buck
  • 12 gauge, 4/0 Buck, Hand Loader
  • 12 gauge, Dragon's Breath
  • 12 gauge, Flechette
  • 12 gauge, Pulse Slug
  • 20 gauge Shotgun Shell, 3/0 Buck
  • 20 gauge Shotgun Shell, 3/0 Buck, Hand Loader
  • 20 gauge Shotgun Shell, Pulse Slug
  • 12.7mm JHP
  • 5.56mm Match
  • 5mm JSP
  • 9mm JSP
  • 25mm Grenade, Plasma
  • 25mm Grenade, Pulse
  • 25mm Grenade, Timed
  • 40mm Grenade, Plasma
  • 40mm Grenade, Pulse
  • .50 MG, Explosive
  • Energy Cell, Optimized
  • Electron Charge Pack, Optimized
  • Flamer Fuel, Optimized
  • Microfusion Cell, Optimized
  • Mini Nuke, Big Kid
  • Mini Nuke, Low Yield
  • Mini Nuke, Timed
  • Mini Nuke, Tiny Tots
  • Missile, Hive

Weapon Mods

  • 12.7mm SMG Laser Sight
  • 12.7mm SMG Stacked Magazine
  • 12.7mm SMG Suppressor
  • 25mm G. APW Exp. Drum
  • 25mm G. APW Long Barrel
  • 25mm G. APW Upgraded Int.
  • Anti-mat. Rifle CF Parts
  • Anti-mat. Rifle Custom bolt
  • Anti-mat. Rifle Suppressor
  • Assault Carb. Ext. Mags
  • Assault Carb. Forged Receiver
  • Assault Carb. Light Bolt
  • Baseball Bat Cork Core
  • Baseball Bat Maple Body
  • Baseball Bat Nails
  • Chainsaw HD Chain
  • Chainsaw Alloy Frame
  • Chainsaw Carbide Teeth
  • Hunting Rev. 6-shot Cylinder
  • Hunting Rev. Match Barrel
  • Katana Authentic Blade
  • Katana Balanced Grip
  • Katana Protective Sheath
  • Laser Pistol Combat Sights
  • Laser Pistol Focus Optics
  • Laser Pistol Recycler
  • Plas. Pistol Hi-Energy Ionizer
  • Plas. Pistol Mag. Accelerator
  • Plas. Pistol Recycler
  • Plasma Def. Hi-Cap Terminal
  • Plasma Def. Scope
  • Plasma Def. Sheath Stabilizer
  • Power Fist Chromed Tubes
  • Power Fist Hi-Cap Valves
  • Power Fist Ported Chambers
  • Ripper HD Chain
  • Ripper Carbide Teeth
  • Tri-beam LR HD Caps
  • Tri-beam LR Focus Optics
  • Tri-beam LR Hi-Cap Terminal

Value :
It's incredibly hard to not recommend the Gun Runner's Arsenal to players. There's enough here for both new and veteran players, giving each something new to take into battle with them. Even if New Vegas has been hanging out on your game shelf, the pack is enough to encourage a return experience (the DLC expansions are a good reason as well). Although a few weapons are little more than amped-up versions of existing weapons, Gun Runner's Arsenal comes as highly recommended.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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