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Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris
Score: 70%
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Bungie Software
Media: Download/1
Players: 1 - 6
Genre: Action/Adventure/MMORPG

Back to the Beginning:
Ah, greetings Guardians, and welcome back! It feels like itís been a long time since we last convened, but I suppose jumping around light years at a time certainly distorts your sense of time. Anyway, the last time we met, we were trying to recover from our greatest disaster yet. Fortunately, we have plot armor and came out on top yet again! Fast-forward a couple of months and weíve more or less gotten the hang of Destiny 2. We have our good gear, the best strikes are childís play, and no one stands a chance against our coordinated teams in the Crucible. The universe holds no threat to us! That is, until Osiris pops up out of nowhere with an overwhelming new threat. Man, just when I was about to enjoy some other games.

A Vexing Problem:
The Curse of Osiris is the first expansion for Destiny 2 and with it come some new experiences for players. Bungie has included a few things for all players to enjoy in this expansion, so whether youíre a story buff, a Crucible fanatic or an environment lover, youíll find something that interests you in this new expansion. I fall into the first category, so Iíll be covering that first. The Curse of Osiris brings several new story missions for players to complete that introduce the infamous Osiris, a powerful warlord who has some crazy powers. Heís discovered a new, old threat. Turns out the Vex have some hidden secrets of their own and Osiris vows to stop him. This is where we come in. We have to help his ghost, Sagira, figure out what the Vex is up to and stop them. You donít get too much in the way of rewards, but you are gifted with a new legendary weapon for your troubles. The recommended light level for each story mission scales from 200 to 220. A bit disappointing since a majority of players at this point have probably hit the 300's and counting, but itís easy experience for that next Bright Engram. Take the wins when you can, am I right?

To Infinity...:
With the new story content comes a new area for players to experience as well. Mercury sits directly in the middle of the map explorer and players begin their trek here in Curse of Osiris. Itís pretty much a barren wasteland, but does give a new hub called The Lighthouse where the followers of Osiris make their last stand. Ok, not really their last stand, but itís pretty much their clubhouse. By "they," I mean Brother Vance. Heís the one youíll interact with when youíre completing missions on Mercury, but Mercury isnít the only new area. The Vex created their own simulation of realities called The Infinite Forest. Pretty cool name for a really cool looking place. Players will be sent here for missions and also as part of some other content Iíll get to in just a moment.

Multiverse Upgraded:
As I said, just a moment. The Infinite Forest is used not only in the new story, but also as part of the new strikes. Players will venture in here to confront not only the Vex, but also some segments of the Red Legion. They just never quit. In addition to the Red Legion, we get access to another new strike named A Garden World featuring a Vex Mind. Youíll be able to get some cool gear, but hey, itís a new map. Iím sure the old strikes have gotten a bit repetitive, right? Anyway, aside from a new strike, Curse of Osiris also brings a new raid, Leviathan. Everyoneís got access to this bad boy and you need at least 300 light level if you want to try your hand at it. Youíll get some pretty high end gear, but youíd better have some friends because this oneís a hell of a lot more challenging than those silly strikes weíre used to. Thatís two new strikes and a new raid. Rejoice, all you PvE players. Rejoice!

The Bloodshed Resume:
Last, but not least, weíve got the new Crucible content. Hold on to your hats, PvP players, youíve won three brand new maps! The maps are called Pacifica, Wormhaven, and Radiant Cliffs which feature scenery from Titan for the first two and Mercury for the third. I probably hyped this up a bit too much, but I think players will enjoy the new maps. The scenery for all of them is pretty gorgeous and the maps allow for diverse playstyles, with Radiant Cliffs lending more to a vertical playstyle and Pacifica supporting more close quarters combat. Wormhaven is a bit of a mixed bag, allowing much in the way of evasive maneuvers, but also forcing close confrontations at times. The maps are a blast and I think PvP players will enjoy them a lot. Oh, and Wormhaven is a PlayStation 4 exclusive map. Sorry, Xbox fans!

Final Verdict:
Curse of Osiris brings quite a bit of new content pretty quickly to Destiny 2. With a slew of new maps, weíll all get something we enjoy regardless of what content we prefer. The story expansion was very interesting to me and I had a great time getting some new lore on the Vex. Iím a big story buff, so not everyone may feel that the story maps were all that interesting. If youíve been playing since launch and youíre looking for a new challenge, you wonít find much of one in the new story missions. The Leviathan raid will be more up your alley in terms of challenging content. The new PvP maps are a treat for everyone and Iím sure that Crucible fans will greatly enjoy them. If youíve already got the season pass, youíll really appreciate this new content. If you decided to hold off on the season pass, I wouldnít say to jump at the new content blindly, but if you like what you see, I donít think youíll be disappointed.

-SS-54, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ren Plummer

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