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SUPERBEAT: XONiC - DLC Packs 1, 2 and 3
Score: 91%
Publisher: acttil
Developer: Nurijoy
Media: Download/1
Players: 1
Genre: Rhythm

7ís Rebirth:
Itís been a few months since SUPERBEAT: XONiC was released and we now have the first of the long (relatively) awaited DLC. There are three DLC packs available for only $3.99 each. Thatís just a bit more than $1 for each song, which isnít bad if you ask me! The first of these is 7ís Rebirth XONiC Pack 1.

The first song of these three songs is called "ANTIKYTHERA" by 7 Sequence. Itís got a rating of 4 bars on 4Trax, 9 bars on 6Trax, and a full 12 bars on 6Trax Fx, so itís a decently hard song, especially on the 6Trax modes. While is is only 4 on 4Trax, it feels a bit harder than that to me. Itís listed as a "Space DnB." If you have no clue what this is, think electronic with a machine sound at times, but also with a soft sound at times; at least thatís the best I can describe it.

The second song in this pack is called "Rackin' Gravity" also by 7 Sequence. It rates with 6 bars on 4Trax, 10 bars on 6Trax, 12 bars on 6Trax Fx. Psy-Schranz is the style that they have listed for it. I donít even know how to describe the song other than by saying it is a very fast song, which sometimes makes a song more difficult, but I actually passed it easier than some lower level songs because it does have a strong beat. The notes mostly hit on the beat, so you can get the hang of it quicker than some of the other songs.

The last of the three is called "DINO" by Cranky. It is 5 bars on 4Trax, 9 bars on 6Trax, and 11 on 6Trax Fx and DINO is a Rave song. Overall, it feels just slightly easier than it is rated to me, but once again, that might be because it has a really strong beat, which makes it easier to follow and time correctly.

Guilty Gear X:
As you might have guessed from the section title, all three of the songs in the Guilty Gear X XONiC Pack 2 are from the game Guilty Gear X. These songs are all rock-ish, so theyíre quite different from the other two DLC Packs.

The first of these is called "Starry Story." Itís 4 bars on 4Trax, 7 bars on 6Trax, and 10 bars on 6Trax Fx, so overall itís on the moderate end of the difficulty scale. They consider it to be a "Bright Rock" song. Itís a fast song, but itís got a pretty strong beat, so itís not too hard to play.

The second song is "Jack-a-Dandy," which is a "Stylish Funk" song. It definitely feels like it has Funk: a good funk, not funky. It is listed as 5 bars on 4Trax, 8 bars on 6Trax, and 11 bars on 6Trax Fx, but it has a really easy beat to catch so it feels a bit easier than it is rated to me.

The last song in this pack is "Big Blast Sonic." It is listed as a Rock Sonic song, which is mostly a rock song. It has 6 bars on 4Trax, 9 bars on 6Trax, and 12 bars on 6Trax Fx. This is a much harder song than it should be simply because, for the most part, the beats hit with the vocals rather than the instruments, but when there are no vocals, it switches to hit on beat. This made it a bit hard for me to follow.

Magical Blaze:
The last of the DLC packs (for now) is the Magical Blaze Collection Pack 3. These songs are Electronica songs that are upbeat and feel happy. This pack also has the easiest songs of the three packs.

The first of them is called "THE BEAUTIFUL MAGIC" by Kikuo. It has 3 bars on 4Trax, 5 bars on 6Trax, and only 6 on 6Trax Fx. Itís a very happy sounding Electronica song. I found the Deep Switch sound effect sounded just right to go with the song. Itís also an easy song to play as the beat flows well.

The second song is "BLUE desire ~Blazblue" by Tomohiro Kita (Elements Garden). It is listed as a J-Pop song and it definitely fits that genre. Itís a fast song and difficulty even on 4Trax, with 7 bars on 4Trax, 8 bars on 6Trax, and 11 bars on 6Trax Fx.

The final song for this DLC is called "MAGICAL GREETING" by Kikuo. It's definitely the easiest of the DLC songs so far, and one of the easiest in the game, but it's a fun little song to play. It has only 1 bar on 4Trax, 3 bars on 6Trax, and 6 bars on 6Trax Fx. It is listed as an Electronica song, but it almost sounds J-Pop to me.

To DLC or Not to DLCÖ:
You want to keep in mind that these songs are only found under Stage in Free Style Mode, so if you only like to go on Tour, youíll never see them. Otherwise, I highly recommend you check out at least one of the packs just to see if you like them. I didnít play much in Free Style before as I like to feel like Iím beating a Tour or something, but I found that I really like Free Style Mode, especially for perfecting songs and getting (somewhat) better at a difficult game.

I like that they divided the DLC into 3 song chunks and especially that the songs all seem to fit together in the pack. If you like the Rock songs, check out the Guilty Gear pack as theyíre all there. If youíre looking for the Electronica stuff, youíve got the Magical Blaze pack. The more quirky songs are in the 7ís Rebirth pack. Doing it this way, you can get exactly which type of songs you want without buying things that you donít really enjoy. Overall, I am quite pleased with all of the DLC songs and for the small price, itís a steal! You should definitely check out the DLC packs for SUPERBEAT: XONiC today!

-Cyn, GameVortex Communications
AKA Sara Earl

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